Neighbours and dogs

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Over the years, Mr & Mrs Nearneighbour have owned a succession of German Shepherds. At present they have two such dogs, one of them not quite full-grown.
This morning at 08:05, I see the Explorer and his parents setting off from their home. The Explorer is on his balance-bike, and is wearing his plastic cycling-helmet. At that moment, Mr Nearneighbour arrives on the scene, with the two dogs on leads. The dogs bound up to the family, and Mr Nearneighbour has to restrain them — leaning back, and pulling hard on the leads. He is a solidly-built man, but he has to put in a lot of effort. Mr Nearneighbour stays where he is, and makes the dogs stay where they are, until the family have walked down the road and are out of sight.
The two families seem to get on very well, and this whole encounter is entirely amicable. However, I wouldn’t trust either of those dogs. The younger one moves with a wolf-like gait.

[Original posting 24 April 2013]

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