Shoes and two school-runs and golf

Monday 30 April 2012

In the morning, I make my second trip to the recycling centre, and dispose of a large bag of shoes.
Before I set off, I notice (not for the first time) the broad-hipped young woman in denims, who unaccountably is taking her child to school on foot! Of course, I see the usual people and the usual cars on the school-run, including Scarlett in her Gold Star hatchback.

At 08:35 Scarlett is parked outside the house opposite the Old Man’s house, two-thirds onto the pavement beyond the garden gate of that house. Another woman, with coppery-brown hair (presumably dyed), is standing on the pavement by the front passenger door. She gets her own tiny boy out of the nearside rear door, leaning into the car to do so. Scarlett’s Tiny Boy and then her Small Boy exit from the offside rear, under the guidance of their mother, and the two of them run enthusiastically round the rear of the car to reach the kerb. All five people head off to the school. It is the best part of twenty minutes before Scarlett returns, alone.
Before Scarlett returns, I notice a little girl wearing school uniform, running along the far pavement towards the school. Another girl, who is wearing a pink coat or anorak, is running more slowly ten or fifteen metres behind. She is slim, and is probably taller than the first girl, but she is running with a waddling gait. Does she suffer from some problem with her hips or legs?
After lunch, I see from my bedroom window that Mr CJ has started up the fountain in his back garden, and has got his hands wet. From the same vantage-point at 15:00, I see a tiny boy (aged 2 or 3) in the back garden of the house next to the Goldsteins’. He is playing golf alone on the lawn. His plastic golf-club has a red shaft and a green head. (I’m not sure what he is using for golf-balls; not real ones, surely? Table-tennis balls, perhaps.) He is swinging the club enthusiastically, but not making good contact. His mother comes out and shows him how better to do it. After that he is making good contact. (His mother has gone back indoors.) Mr CJ ought to sign him up as a junior member of Sunlit Uplands.
When the afternoon school-run is taking place, a young woman with shoulder-blade-length hair dyed an unreal shade of red passes by us on her way from the school. She is wearing denims and a coat. With her she has a small son and a small daughter. I haven’t seen her before. She crosses the road, in front of the Old Man’s house, and walks off past Mr & Mrs CJ’s house.
A woman and her young son walk past the house opposite the Old Man’s, and when they reach number 35 they cross the road. The boy is bouncing a football. He loses control of it, and his mother tries unsuccessfully to scoop the ball up. The boy has to retrieve the ball from the front garden of Mr & Mrs Eford’s house (the house next to the school-house).

[Original posting 30 April 2013]

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