The madness continues

Tuesday 1 May 2012

The school-run this morning coincides with the collection-run for the green bins.
Scarlett parks in front of two of those bins, outside number 35.
One of the cars parked outside the Old Man’s house is a silver hatchback whose driver is a 30ish man who resembles the cricketer Kevin Pietersen. He wears a black hoodie, hood down, with reddish markings. When he returns from the school, he eases the car out of the parking-space, between the nose of the black VW parked next to him, and the offside front wing of the lorry collecting the green bins — one of which is the Old Man’s.
At the filling-station not far past Salty Sally’s, the price of unleaded petrol has gone down to 141.9p per litre.

[Original posting 1 May 2013]

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