Uneven day

Saturday 12 May 2012

An excellent journey from Suburbia Somnolenta to Peakville, with the sun shining.
Shortly after I arrive at the Old Man’s house, from my bedroom window I see Mrs CJ in her grey dressing-gown, hanging out washing on the line in her back garden. That is the only time I see either of the CJs during this visit to Peakville.
At Bert’s, the blue car is back in its usual position, alone. A man has just exited the shop, eating his chips from a tray. There is only one person ahead of me when I enter the shop — a middle-aged man who is about to be served. There is a woman with him, but she is standing by the door rather than at the counter. While Short Woman serves the man, Tall Woman obligingly asks me: “Fish chips and peas?” “Yes please!” I reply.
I don’t see Bert, but the batter on my fish is like batter cooked by him. Unfortunately, the amount of fish inside the batter is less than average.
That afternoon, I notice that the old-style door on the house where Mr BC lived has been replaced with an undistinguished modern door.

[Original posting 12 May 2013]

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