Mowing, running, furniture-moving

Tuesday 22 May 2012

It is a hot afternoon. Starting at 15:30 approximately, I mow all four lawns.
At about 18:55 I see the junior golfer run from his house to the bottom of the garden and back; then he does the same thing again. There is a little area at the bottom of the garden, demarcated by brick walls; I can’t get a full view of it from my bedroom. This is the first time I’ve seen the junior golfer since I saw him swinging his plastic club. He is wearing a dark-blue top with short sleeves. My window is open and so for the first time I hear him speaking (toddler-style, of course), but I don’t see anyone else with him.
Towards 19:40, I look out of the kitchen window towards the Thornboroughs’ house, and see Mr Kaufman (in short sleeves) taking something that looks like the base-unit of a child’s bed (with castors at each corner), from an open-top car that is parked across the driveway of the house, to the big shed at the bottom of the garden. It isn’t a quick or simple job. Mr Kaufman, rather showily, carries the base-unit on his head, supporting it with his arms; he then leans it against the side-wall of the house.
Mrs Kaufman is now also outdoors. Mr Kaufman carries the base-unit through the gate at the rear of the drive, towards the big shed whose door is open. He and Mrs Kaufman each carry some boxy items (it is not clear where these have come from), smaller than the base-unit but of a similar colour, through the rear gate and eventually into the shed; the two of them together carry the base-unit into the shed. Then one of them closes the rear gate. The whole operation has taken about seven minutes.
By just after 20:00, the black convertible has gone.

[Original posting 22 May 2013]

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