Multifarious gossip

Wednesday 23 May 2012

After breakfast I go shopping at AltGroce. When I return to my car I find a VW Polo parked a couple of spaces to my left, with the driver’s window wound down. (There are no cars inbetween.) A grey-haired old lady is sitting in the front passenger seat. No doubt she is waiting for someone to return from the supermarket.
Shortly after 11:00, Mrs CJ knocks on the sun-lounge window, to remind me that it is time for our scheduled cup of coffee. Mr & Mrs CJ and I sit in the shade at a table alongside their house, near the kitchen door.
Consequently, I don’t witness the late morning school-run.
We discuss the GP surgery. Mrs CJ tells me that Dr F has retired. I am surprised at this, as I don’t think her old enough to retire. Mrs CJ clarifies that it is early retirement. Another doctor has joined the practice. Dr K is still there. I say that when I heard his name, I wondered whether he was eastern European — but of course he turned out to be Irish.
We also discuss the traffic-chaos that the school-run brings. Mrs CJ knows the woman who lives at number 13, and who asked one parent not to park her MPV on the grass verge, as it was churning it up. In response, the parent deliberately churned up the grass verge by manoeuvring backward and forward. It turned out that this parent who drives her child(ren) to school lives at the Village Green: hardly far enough away, one would have thought — says Mrs CJ — to make it worth her while to drive rather than walk.
I tell Mr CJ about the junior golfer who lives at the house next to the Goldsteins’.
At Bert’s, the blue car is on the forecourt, and only Junior and Tall Woman are behind the counter. The public side of the shop is deserted. “No-one’s in the mood for fish and chips today,” I remark to Tall Woman. (Some people would think the weather today is too hot for such food.) “We’ve had an order,” she responds — I take it that she means someone has phoned in an order to be collected later. As I am being served, a fiftyish male customer arrives. He wants two fish, and some chips.

[Original posting 23 May 2013]

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