Obsessions of our children

Tuesday 29 May 2012

After breakfast, I see the Explorer and his parents setting off from their home. For the first time in a long time, the Explorer is on his scooter. He is wearing a helmet. His mother has to turn back after about fifty metres — I suppose she has forgotten something, perhaps the umbrella I see that she is carrying when she sets off again. The Explorer scoots ahead of his parents, but not too far.
On my way to a regular appointment, walking on the path through a park, I see approaching me from ahead a mother with a pushchair, and to her left a very small daughter with a pink toy pushchair. As we get closer, I can see the baby in the full-size pushchair. I am expecting that there will be a doll in the toy pushchair — but what I eventually see in there is Peppa Pig and her brother George.
On the way back from my appointment, I see an old Chinese or Japanese lady in traditional garb, but using a black umbrella as a parasol. The weather is warm, but the sunshine is hazy.

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