First morning after half-term

Tuesday 12 June 2012

At 08:27 Scarlett arrives, and parks a little way onto the pavement, with the tail of her car level with the far end of the junction-box. Mrs Parker then arrives, and positions her green Escargot behind Scarlett’s car; she gets out, with a baby in arms and a small child. I notice Mrs Parker’s red hair.
Scarlett doesn’t get out of her car until 08:34 — perhaps she is giving the boys a stern talking-to. Small Boy gets out of the nearside front; Scarlett leans in at the offside rear, and helps Tiny Boy out. After they cross the road Tiny Boy, who has been behind the others, runs ahead. Small Boy is carrying what looks like a book-bag.
Shortly before 08:40, Mrs Parker returns with the baby. I notice that there is a vertical dent or nick in the tailgate of Scarlett’s car, above the registration-plate, extending to the level of the keyhole, and to the left of centre.

Not long before 08:50, an obese woman in a pale violet top, carrying a baby, approaches the white car parked just downhill of the Old Man’s garden gate. (I saw her earlier walking towards the school, but didn’t associate her with the white car.)
At 08:50 Scarlett returns to her car. She looks a bit frazzled, as she did when she got out of the car a quarter of an hour earlier. Her car now stands in isolation; she sets off straight away.
At 08:55 there are still two cars parked outside the school-house, and one alongside the junction-box and number 35.
Latecomers at 09:01! A black three-door Nova is parked alongside number 35 at an awkward angle — nearside rear tyre on the kerb, but the front of the car about a third onto the pavement. A small boy gets out of the front passenger door. His mother hustles him across the road, with a shove in the back (at this I laugh); but once they are across the road, they amble down to the school. The mother returns three minutes later. She is quite attractive, with shoulder-length dark hair, but she is slightly plump.
On Sunday, I noticed six birthday cards on the window-sill of the living-room of the house below the Kingdoms’ house, at the right-hand side. The cards are still there. (That house is for sale.)

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