Re-use and recycling

Tuesday 12 June 2012

I have arranged to visit cousin Naomi this morning, and to take her some of the Deceased Lady’s cardigans so that she can try them on. We have also agreed that I’ll take her old portable analogue TV to the recycling centre.
Cousin Naomi has been suffering from eczema lately. Otherwise she is much the same. The cardigans appear to be a close approximation to her size. (There are more where they came from.) She still sounds flustered most of the time, and gives a running commentary on what she is doing as she gets ready to go out.
I give Naomi a lift to MegaGroce.
Later, on my way back to the Old Man’s house, I drive past Bert’s. The shutters are down.

Late morning school-run:
The white MPV which earlier was parked outside the Old Man’s house is now alongside the junction-box. The obese woman carries her baby down to the school. I see Mrs Parker’s green Escargot arrive, and the baby being taken out of the offside rear and put into its push-chair. (The Escargot is behind the MPV.)
Scarlett must have been parked out of sight at the bottom of the road. Her car ascends past the Old Man’s house. Tiny Boy is in the nearside rear. He has a book (or something resembling a book) open in front of him. His blond hair is short and spiky. One minute later, Mrs Parker is loading her baby into the Escargot; and then the obese woman is loading her baby into the MPV. Soon the Escargot moves off — the obese woman waves to Mrs Parker as the Escargot drives past. Another minute later, the MPV hasn’t yet moved off. The driver gets out, and goes round the tail of the car to the nearside rear. She opens the door and leans in. Then she gets back into the driving-seat and departs immediately, as though she has left the engine running.

Afternoon school-run:
At 14:47, a black Escargot is parking outside the school-house, a third onto the pavement, with its nose just uphill of the sapling. A female driver and a small girl get out (the latter hops about on the pavement); they set off for the school.
There is quite a hold-up of traffic in both directions at number 35; this is because a silver car is parked alongside that house, and a brown car is parked at the kerb, or just onto the grass verge, alongside the house opposite.
At 15:06, a little girl in a coat or anorak is descending the far pavement, wheeling inboard of her a bike with stabilisers. Two women are together following her.
A green Plum arrives, and parks with a very clumsy manoeuvre — I think the car is going to perform a three-point turn near the end of the street, but it continues to move forward, and the front wheels mount the pavement outside Vinnie’s; the car finally parks alongside number 35 (the silver car has gone), roughly half-way onto the pavement.
At 15:18 the driver of the black Escargot has returned. She has a dark-brown ponytail, and she is wearing a pink cardigan. Two minutes later the car departs; it turns left at George Street.
At 15:28, Scarlett again ascends past the Old Man’s house — she must have parked in much the same place as during the late morning school-run. I don’t get a view of the nearside rear, where Tiny Boy would have been, but I see Small Boy in the front passenger seat, with his window wound about one-third down.
Four minutes later, the green Plum that has been parked alongside number 35 moves off.

I mow three lawns this afternoon, filling two plastic sacks with clippings. The fourth lawn, the back one, I don’t mow — I need to buy more sacks.

[Original posting 12 June 2013]

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