Not had my chips

Wednesday 13 June 2012

At 08:24, a black 56-registration Nova parks outside number 35. The driver has difficulty mounting the kerb.
Two minutes later, a blonde woman with a green-and-white umbrella descends past Vinnie’s, followed by two girls in anoraks who are trying — not very successfully — to share a small, darker umbrella.
Another two minutes later, the driver of the Nova finally gets out of her car; she has brown hair.
Shortly before 08:30, Scarlett parks outside the school-house, with the nose of her car just uphill of the sapling. Then I see Mrs Parker’s Escargot outside the Old Man’s house, with its tail overlapping the garden-gate; the car’s offside rear window has a window-blind featuring lower-case letters of the alphabet.

Several minutes later, Scarlett gets out of her car. She is wearing a billowing, ankle-length skirt with horizontal blue-and-white stripes, and a pale blue denim shirt. With her hand, she hitches the skirt into a convenient position. Small Boy gets out of the nearside front, wearing a dark anorak open to reveal a red pullover. Scarlett leans in to the nearside rear, presumably to unstrap Tiny Boy, who when he has made his exit runs round the tail of the car to reach the pavement. All three of them run downhill in the direction of the school — Scarlett not so easily as the boys, no doubt owing to her long skirt. The boys are ahead of her.
A blue Transit van is parked to the right of Vinnie’s garden-gates, half-way onto the pavement. At the top of each side-window of the van, a little white flagpole is mounted; each flagpole bears an England flag.
At 08:43, I see that a silver MPV, possibly a Toyota, has replaced Mrs Parker’s Escargot. Mr & Mrs Jethro’s car is parked partly alongside the Old Man’s house and partly alongside the CJs’.
At 08:50, a couple of minutes after the Transit van has departed, Scarlett returns to her car. She reverses a little way from the sapling, drives off, and turns right at George Street.
It has been raining, but by 08:55 the sun is shining intermittently.

On my way back from AltGroce, I drive past Bert’s. Again, the shutters are down.

Late morning school-run:
What I think may be Scarlett’s car, parked on the left-hand side of the road and occluded by another car, turns out to be a 60-registration Rubin. Scarlett eventually parks two-thirds onto the pavement outside number 35.
At 11:26, a pale blue 55-registration Compass is parked with its nose to the tail of Scarlett’s car; its front passenger door is alongside the junction-box. Then a silver Compass parks behind the pale blue one.
When Scarlett return at 11:33, accompanied by Tiny Boy who is wearing denims and a dark coat, and whose right hand she is holding with her left, they cross the road to their car and then stop at the offside front wing. There, Scarlett crouches down, and relieves Tiny Boy of the books he has been carrying. They go round the tail of the car to the nearside rear, Scarlett opens the door, and with her left hand she deposits the books onto the rear parcel-shelf. Then she straps Tiny Boy into his child-seat. Scarlett drives off immediately (first reversing a little), but half-way down the road she noses into a vacant space so as to let one or two cars pass in the opposite direction. She turns left at George Street.
The pale blue Compass is still there at 11:42 — it is the last car on the school-run. Three people are approaching it: a woman in her 30s with fading red-gold hair, a small daughter and a very small son. First, the woman puts the girl into the nearside rear of the car. Then the woman and boy stand together at the kerb; she is holding the boy’s left hand. She gives him instructions about how to step down from the kerb onto the roadway. He does it. (He may be two years old, but surely not yet three.) She then puts him into the offside rear of the car.
The Compass turns right at George Street.

Afternoon school-run:
At 14:48 the Pigeon Lad is walking up the road, quite briskly by his standards. He pauses outside Vinnie’s garden-gates, for less than sixty seconds.
Three minutes later, Scarlett parks half-way onto the pavement, with the car’s nose just uphill of the sapling. She doesn’t get out of the car for another five minutes; when she does, I see that she has tied her hair up at the back, and has replaced her skirt with tight black trousers.
After his mother has released his straps, Tiny Boy exits the nearside rear with a two-footed bound, then makes for the pavement. He is dressed as previously. Tiny Boy runs off, and has disappeared behind the foliage of the tree before Scarlett has closed the driver’s door.
Some minutes later, a tiny girl dressed in a skirt and a red cardigan is skip-walking up the road past Scarlett’s car. Two women are following her, some yards to the rear.
A maroon Range Rover is parked alongside the junction-box. It departs at 15:10; Scarlett returns a minute later. Both boys enter the car via the offside rear door.
Another minute later, Scarlett reverses a little from the sapling, and drives off. She turns left at George Street. After she has gone, I notice that the green Plum is parked half-way onto the pavement alongside the junction-box. A young(ish) mother and a girl with gold-auburn hair approach the car; the girl gets in at the nearside rear. The car drives off towards George Street at 15:30 — it is one of the last cars to leave.
Three minutes later, a father and young son walk past Mr & Mrs Trimot’s house. The father lifts the boy into his arms. I expect that they are going to cross the road — but instead, the father puts the boy into the offside rear of the black Boxcar which is parked alongside the house. The Boxcar is the very last car to leave.

[Original posting 13 June 2013]

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