Three bags full

Thursday 14 June 2012

After lunch, I mow the back lawn, and fill a third plastic sack with clippings.
From about 12:30 (when the schoolchildren are returning from lunch) to 14:20+ (when I’ve finished mowing the back lawn), a burglar-alarm is ringing somewhere past Mr & Mrs CJ’s house. I’ve heard the same alarm go off more than once in recent months.
At 15:37 I see Mrs PM passing the house opposite the Old Man’s house, heading towards her own house. She is walking slowly. I notice that she is becoming rather stooped.
About fifteen minutes later, I see that a white hatchback is parked outside the Old Man’s house. The front passenger door is open, but no-one is getting in or out. I wonder whether someone is late on the school-run. Then the front passenger gets out: it is Mrs CJ! (Mr CJ told me, earlier this afternoon, over the hedge between our back gardens, that Mrs CJ had gone out to play bowls.)

[Original posting 14 June 2013]

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