Dog and phone

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Scarlett parks with the tail of her car level with the uphill side of the junction-box. Ahead of her is an MPV with a spare-wheel-carrier on the tailgate — the MPV has been there for some minutes. Scarlett is wearing a light-coloured vest, denims, and flat-heeled sandals; her handbag is pinkish-brown. Small Boy is in a dark coat, and Tiny Boy in the same pale anorak as yesterday, with the hood down. The boys set off for school, from the nearside of the car; Scarlett locks the front passenger door with a key — I’ve never seen her do this before. They all cross towards the Efords’ drive. On the far pavement, Small Boy starts to jog ahead of the others; Tiny Boy is at first a couple of paces behind Scarlett, but hurries to catch up. The boys seem livelier today than they were yesterday, but not as lively as usual.
Towards 08:45, a silver 60-registration Media parks half-way onto the pavement, to the rear of Scarlett’s car. The small boy who gets out is wearing a blue T-shirt. With his right arm, he is clutching a stuffed toy (probably a dog) against his chest. When his mother returns to the car, alone, she is holding her phone to her left ear.
When Scarlett returns, she crosses the road from the Efords’ drive, but then is out-of-sight for a couple of minutes, presumably talking with someone. With her right hand she is carrying a blue book-bag with a handle. At the car, she chats briefly with a young woman who is pushing a pram or pushchair uphill. As they talk, the young woman keeps her hands on the pushchair, whereas Scarlett gesticulates in an animated but amicable way.

I go to TeraGroce, on foot. Mrs AD’s mother’s house has been sold, according to one of the estate agents’ boards; according to the other, it is still for sale.

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