Unscheduled day off, or…?

Wednesday 27 June 2012

The sky is overcast; it is not raining, but the roadway is damp. At 08:22 a silver (53-registration?) Escargot is parked alongside number 33, its nose facing towards George Street.

Five minutes or so later, the dark grey Trio that has been parked not far above the upper entrance reverses towards the sapling — it is not clear why. The driver, whose shoulder-length blonde hair has some darker streaks, gets a small blonde girl in an orange anorak out of the offside rear, and a tiny tot out of the nearside rear. The woman carries the tot to the offside rear corner of the car, and it walks from there towards the school.
By 08:35 or so, Mr Jethro’s car is parked alongside the far right of the Old Man’s front lawn, just a little way onto the pavement.
At 08:50 Scarlett parks in her customary nose-to-sapling space, which until now has remained unoccupied. After a delay, she gets out, wearing a very short, tight, not-especially-flattering orangey-pink skirt, a denim shirt or blouse, and flat-heeled sandals. The boys seem to get out under their own steam — I don’t see Scarlett go to the nearside of the car. Tiny Boy is wearing a long-sleeve red top and red trousers — could these be pyjamas? Small Boy is wearing a kind of camouflage-jacket, and a hat or cap; he walks round the tail of the car to reach the pavement. They all set off for the school, and not long after that, the sun comes out.
A minute or two later, Scarlett returns with Tiny Boy. She ushers him into the nearside rear, and leans in to fasten his straps. Then she goes round the tail of the car to the driver’s door.
The car reverses, at an angle, but can’t get fully onto the roadway because there is now another car parked to the rear. Then Scarlett’s car moves forward, and turns towards the drive of number 35; it reverses towards the sapling, and completes the three-point turn by driving off past the CJs’ house. The time is a minute or two before 09:00.
Conjecture: Tiny Boy’s teacher is off sick, so he will be spending the day with grandma.
On this school-run I see another mother with a shiny blue book-bag, so presumably what Scarlett was carrying yesterday afternoon was a book-bag rather than a document-wallet or a folder.

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