Not delayed by rain

Monday 9 July 2012

At 14:54, Scarlett’s car is already there for the afternoon school-run; it is nose-to-sapling, over half-way onto the pavement. Other parents have arrived before her, around or just after 14:50. Are they all expecting a prompt finish to the school-day? Or were they hoping to bag parking-spaces close to the school because they were expecting rain? It is now raining quite hard. The nearside rear window of Scarlett’s car is fully closed.
A little before 15:00, Scarlett gets out of her car, without an umbrella and without Tiny Boy.
Before Scarlett returns from the school, a woman crosses the road, reaching the far side just beyond the nose of Scarlett’s car. At her left hand the woman has a tiny daughter, aged three at most, wearing a pink anorak and sheltering from the rain under her own little orange umbrella.
Not long after 15:05 Scarlett returns with Small Boy. He is in his dark anorak, with the hood up. Scarlett looks as though she isn’t enjoying the rain — she is dressed just as she was this morning. Small Boy gets into the car at the offside rear. Scarlett departs without delay, reversing a little from the sapling. It is still raining, but I don’t think her car’s lights are on. At George Street she turns left.

[Original posting 9 July 2013]

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2 Responses to Not delayed by rain

  1. Louise says:

    Doing the school run in the rain isn’t so much fun. The cars always try to park a little closer in bad weather at our school too. I’m always quite thankful that we live so close to the school and it’s only a very short walk so the rain doesn’t bother me too much!


    • BLEKE says:

      When it’s raining at school-run time, it often seems that more parents arrive at Acacia Primary by car and some of them try to squeeze their cars into parking-spaces that are conveniently near the school but unsuitably small. Whatever the weather, some parents drive what seem absurdly short distances to and from school — I know of parents who live only a couple of hundred metres away, but make the journey by car. Surely it must be quicker and easier to walk? By the time they’ve strapped the baby or toddler into the child-seat, heaved the push-chair into the boot, and (in wet or chilly weather) demisted the windscreen and side-windows, they could have reached the school gate. (I realise that for some parents who drive, the school-run is part of their commute to and from work.) But quite a few things that happen on the school-run don’t seem to make a lot of sense.


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