Bare shoulder, covered head

Monday 16 July 2012

At 10:59 it is drizzling again.

The weeds in the front garden of the school-house are taller than the blue bin that stands in front of the front door.
At 11:17 Scarlett’s car approaches from the direction of George Street, and reverses into a parking-space opposite somewhere between the middle and lower entrances of the school. A minute later, the Kulaks’ car passes the Old Man’s house and parks alongside number 33.
It is another five minutes before Scarlett crosses the road, at a slight uphill angle, to the middle entrance. Meanwhile, Mabel Kulak has got out of her car; she is wearing a black top, loose at the neck, that leaves most of her left shoulder bare and reveals the black bra-strap. She lifts the baby out of the nearside rear, and immediately puts up the hood of its pink anorak — although the drizzle seems to have stopped. Then she carries the baby across the road to the school. (Mabel must be collecting Master Kulak from school, but I don’t see them return.)
A cat crosses the road, from somewhere near the upper entrance, at a slight downhill angle. It is moving at a moderate pace, with a loping gait.
Two minutes after she enters the school, Scarlett is returning to her car, straight across the road, i.e. from a point below the middle entrance. She is holding Tiny Boy’s left hand in her right hand. They pass behind the tail of the car, so presumably Tiny Boy gets into the car via the offside rear door.
Scarlett is ready to depart almost immediately, but has to wait just briefly for the traffic to clear. She drives past the Old Man’s house, in the middle of the road. The nearside rear seat of the car is vacant AFAICS, so Tiny Boy is most likely in the offside rear.
During lunchtime, it is raining.

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