Enthusiastic boy and girl

Monday 16 July 2012

It is still wet at 14:43. A 12-registration silver Ultra has parked about seven foot below the sapling, more than half-way onto the pavement.
At 14:50 the sun is breaking through, and at 14:55 it is sunny! The Pigeon Lad passes the junction-box, on his way home, with a well-filled white plastic carrier-bag dangling from his right hand.

There is a silver Media, like the Kulaks’ car but 03-registration rather than 53, parked to the left of the junction-box. It had to do a clumsy four- or five-point turn to reach its parking-space.
Shortly after 15:02 I see Scarlett’s car drive past the school, towards George Street. It must have been parked somewhere beyond the CJs’ house. The car seems to slow a little as it passes the middle entrance, but continues, and at George Street it turns left with little or no delay for traffic.
The male driver of the silver Media returns from the school with a tiny boy in a blue pullover who, on the pavement, enthusiastically approaches the nearside of the car. His father, who is wearing a blue T-shirt, installs him in the offside rear.
Shortly before 15:20, the Wormwoods’ estate car parks with its front half alongside the junction-box, replacing a green Peugeot which has been there since before 14:55.
Four or five minutes later it is raining again, though not heavily — the sun went in at about 15:00.
At 15:26 Mrs Wormwood returns with her daughter. Miss Wormwood has dark hair and is wearing a red anorak. She is another child who looks enthusiastic — in her case, as she arrives at the nearside of her parents’ car, a few foot from the nearside rear door. And she too is ushered into the offside rear. Mrs Wormwood gets in at the nearside front, and the car heads off towards Cypress Crescent.
At 15:31 Mrs Oldgreen’s car departs from a parking-space somewhere opposite the school, passes the school-house, attempts a U-turn but has to perform a three-point turn, then heads towards George Street. Meanwhile, the silver Boxcar that has been parked a little way to the right of the Old Man’s garden-gate has departed. The only people who get into the Boxcar are a woman and a boy whom the woman lifts in at the nearside rear, and deposits in a child-seat — but once they have got in, the Boxcar seems full! The boy has medium-brown hair, which must have been cut in Mohican style at one time — but it has grown out a lot since then.
At 15:35+, a party of six ascends the far pavement. It consists of a woman, two boys who are in the lead, and three girls. The trailing girl is wearing dark shorts (short indeed), and the girl who is immediately in front of her when I first see them is wearing a short pink skirt with polka-dots.
The silver Ultra that I saw at 14:43 is still there at 17:53. Its nearside front door and tailgate are open. A man gets in at the driver’s door — the tailgate and nearside front door are now closed — and a minute later the car departs. It passes the Old Man’s house.

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