A different passenger

Wednesday 18 July 2012

At 10:45 Mr CJ starts pegging out washing in the CJs’ back garden. He starts with four big white bras.
At 11:01, a red Modulo is nose-to-sapling. A minute or two later, there is a black Peugeot over half-way onto the pavement to the other side of the sapling, just uphill of where Scarlett’s car was in the early morning school-run.

At 11:08, a very tall man of solid build and a fat woman in a sleeveless blue top walk out of the Efords’ drive. The woman gets into the front passenger seat of the Modulo, while the man gets behind the wheel. He soon drives off.
A tiny boy wearing a blue short-sleeve polo-shirt is taken across the road by a chubby woman, towards the upper entrance of the school. Then I see him on the pavement at the nearside of the Peugeot, being picked up and carried by another woman.
A silver Compass parks alongside number 35. Then at 11:23 the Kulaks’ silver car parks to the rear of the Compass, half-way onto the pavement. Almost at once, Mrs Parker’s Escargot mounts the pavement to the rear of the Kulaks, but about three-quarters-on. Mrs Parker goes through her usual routine with the push-chair.
At 11:25 Scarlett’s car approaches, and parks with its nose to the black Peugeot’s tail. She gets out, and heads off to the school apparently without locking her car. It is a while before she returns with Tiny Boy. I see the nearside rear door of the car opened, and Scarlett leaning in. When Scarlett has returned to the driving-seat, the nearside front indicator flashes — presumably she didn’t cancel it when parking. Then it stops. She departs almost at once, and drives past the Old Man’s house. The time is a little after 11:30.
As she drives past, I see Tiny Boy in the nearside rear — he half-glances towards the house — and in the front passenger seat a woman: not the blonde of yesterday, but a brunette. (I see someone similar on the pavement near Scarlett when she is returning to her car, but I’m not sure whether this is the same woman. Maybe she was already in the car when it arrived, and stayed in it — that would explain Scarlett not locking the car.) The front passenger window is open about three inches.

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