One Nilpferd

Thursday 19 July 2012

It has been a wet night, and there is a wet start to the day.
At about 08:20 three people walk past Vinnie’s house, in the direction of the Thornboroughs’: two small girls, one older than the other, both dressed partly in red, sheltering under a small, partly green umbrella; and an older woman under a green-and-white umbrella, accompanied by a small dog on a lead. The woman is just behind the girls.

Shortly after 08:30 a black 52-registration Nilpferd parks half-way onto the pavement alongside the junction-box. Mrs Parker’s Escargot mounts the kerb to the rear of the Nilpferd, then moves off and parks nose-to-sapling, three-quarters onto the pavement.
After passing the Old Man’s house at 08:35, Scarlett’s car parks alongside the Efords’ grass verge, right against the kerb. The nearside rear window is open an inch — yesterday afternoon also that may have been the case, but I wasn’t sure about it. Tiny Boy gets out of the offside rear, and Small Boy out of the nearside front. Both boys are wearing dark anoraks, but neither boy has his hood up. Small Boy’s anorak is unfastened, revealing his red pullover. Scarlett is wearing a tunic-length black top with a denim jacket over it, and black trousers. As she opens the offside rear door for Tiny Boy, and leans in, I see something glinting at her left hip — perhaps a bunch of keys. She locks the driver’s door before setting off for the school. The boys take the lead, adopting a gait that is more skipping than trotting. Small Boy is inboard of Tiny Boy, the top of whose head just about comes up to the top of Small Boy’s shoulder. There is some interaction between them. Owing to the crowd, I don’t get a clear view of Scarlett or the boys at the middle entrance, though I may glimpse Small Boy entering there. I don’t see any of them on the walkway.
The driver of the black Nilpferd is Esmé Essex. She has a platinum-blonde ponytail, and is wearing snugly-fitting medium-blue denims, and knee-length black boots with high heels. Her pseudo-glamorous appearance contrasts unfavourably with Scarlett’s understated elegance.
Scarlett reappears at 08:51, ascending the pavement towards her car. At George Street, both Scarlett’s car and the car ahead of it turn left.

I go shopping at AltGroce, and make a complaint about an unhygienic practice that one of their staff has adopted — I’m sure the management won’t allow it to continue. On my way back to the Old Man’s house, I pass by Bert’s, and see that the shutters are down and a light-brown Mercedes is parked on the forecourt — it is the same car that I have seen there before, in the same position.

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