Ultra, Fuji, Plum, Compass, Boxcar

Thursday 19 July 2012

At 10:55, no cars have yet arrived for the school-run. Vinnie’s blue bin is on the pavement to the right of his drive.
There is a silver hatchback, of recent manufacture, parked roughly opposite the middle entrance. A woman gets behind the wheel, and drives off, turning left at George Street. Just after 11:00, a black Ultra, possibly 56-registration, parks alongside the lower part of the school-house garden, with the inboard sidewall of the nearside rear tyre almost touching the kerb. Two minutes later, the Ultra moves to the space vacated by the silver hatchback.
It has been getting brighter, and the sun is now out.

A black car that may be an Oignon parks nose-to-nose with a car that is making a regular delivery at the upper entrance of the school. The black car is as far on to the pavement as the black Ultra was earlier.
A silver Fuji has been parked alongside number 33. (I saw the female driver, wearing a brown jacket and smoking a cigarette, walking in the direction of the corner shop.) She is rather common-looking. At 11:13 or so she returns to the car, opens one of its doors, recloses it, and crosses the road towards the school.
The 07-registration electric blue Plum parks at the kerb alongside the middle part of the Old Man’s front lawn. The sun has gone in.
The pale blue Compass performs a three-point turn and parks with is nose to the black car’s tail, half-way onto the pavement, about six foot below the sapling.
The car that is making the delivery has departed and returned. It now departs again. A minute later, a silver Boxcar parks nose-to-sapling.
The driver of the Plum steps out of her car. As on 5 July, the cut and colour of her hair remind me of the Deceased Lady. Then Mrs Parker’s car arrives; it has already mounted the pavement, and passes Vinnie’s house to reach its final position with the rear of the car alongside the junction-box.
At 11:25 Scarlett’s car approaches, and parks opposite the school, with its tail probably just below the upper entrance. After about four minutes Scarlett gets out, and crosses at a slight diagonal towards the middle entrance. Two minutes later she is back with Tiny Boy at her left hand. They cross the road at a walking pace. Tiny Boy is carrying at least one large (A3?) sheet of artwork. Scarlett is also carrying (A4?) sheets of paper: one in her right hand and one or two in her left hand. She opens the nearside rear door of the car; Tiny Boy loosely folds his artwork over before he gets in. I notice that the top of the hedge between numbers 35 and 33 has become straggly.
As the car passes the Old Man’s house, I see Scarlett in the driver’s seat and Tiny Boy in the nearside rear.

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