The Explorer, the visitors, and the wild frontier

Sunday 29 July 2012

At 10:05, as I am about to drive off, I see the Explorer in front of the door of his home. He is leaning forward, pushing against the door with both hands, as though he has been locked out. He calls out to his mother — I assume that she is indoors. Then he wanders off towards where Mr & Mrs Nearneighbour live; I can’t see him there. I see him return after a few moments, accompanied by his mother. He calls her “Ma Ma”, as though “Mama” were two words.

Mr & Mrs NA and their children arrive late in the church service. They have come from Germany a couple of days ago, they will soon be going to Wimbledon, and in another couple of days they are flying to Barcelona. The children are looking forward to hot weather there.

Mr LT tells me that a mutual acquaintance is moving from England to Midwest City in the USA.

When I return home, the Explorer and his mother are just exiting from their garage. They make their way to their front door, and go indoors.

[Original posting 29 July 2013]

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