Painter, predators, protectors

Sunday 5 August 2012

I mow the back lawn, and then go for coffee at Mr & Mrs CJ’s house.
Mr CJ is at his easel outside the kitchen door, working on an oil-painting.
Mrs CJ tells me how Sarah Goldstein was conned by some Irish cowboy roofers: they told her that they had just cleared out her guttering, demanded £150 for the job, and assured her that her son had given his approval. Afterwards, Sarah phoned her son (Gerry, I suppose, rather than his younger brother Milton), and he was furious.
I hear more anecdotes about the ex-policeman whom Mr & Mrs CJ both know well. When he and his colleagues were on protection duty, the then-well-known politician whom they were protecting used to give them bottles of spirits as presents.
I tell Mr & Mrs CJ about my visit to cousin Naomi yesterday.

[Original posting 5 August 2013]

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