Valley Bottom

Monday 13 August 2012

I arrive at cousin Naomi’s house a little before 10:30.
There is a strange smell in Naomi’s house, and it seems to be getting stronger as the weeks go by.
We drive to Valley Bottom, in order to leave her TV for repair. We already know that there will be a £15 charge for the inspection and estimate.
Even more than usual, Naomi seems constantly in a dither.
At Valley Bottom, we park in a side-road. I tell Naomi that I shall go alone to spy out the lie of the land, and ask her whether she will feel safer if I lock the car with her inside. She says yes.
When I get back to the car, Naomi tells me that she has felt claustrophobic and dizzy locked inside.
I suggest that she should set off immediately for the repair-shop, and I shall get the TV out and carry it to the shop. I feel sure that I shall catch her up — and I do.
After we leave the TV for repair, I drive Naomi to Cheapo, where she wants to buy a few small items. She needs to go to the post office also.

[Original posting 13 August 2013]

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