Two cars, two falls, two boys

Monday 3 September 2012

Not long after 08:20, Mrs Pavane‘s Escargot parks alongside number 33. Half an hour later, a dark grey Oignon parks with its rear half opposite the middle entrance; the driver, a smallish woman in a white top and red skirt, gets out and makes for the school.
Later, when I walk past the school, on my way to TeraGroce, I see about ten cars in the car-park, arranged in two columns. The lower entrance of the school is closed, but the middle entrance is open.

On my way back, I encounter Mrs CJ heading in the opposite direction with her shopping-trolley; she is on the opposite pavement from me, just below the entrance to the park. I cross the road, and we stand and talk, close to the entrance. At one point, I have to move aside, to allow a well-rounded young woman to enter the park — she has arrived from the uphill direction. The CJs were away last weekend. Charlie and Karl don’t start school until Wednesday, and so tomorrow the CJs are taking them to Eelby for the day. I tell Mrs CJ about cousin Naomi’s fall. I learn that her mother had a similar accident at the age of 57, when wallpapering above a mantelpiece. Mrs CJ had to finish the wallpapering job — that was the first time she had done wallpapering.
Further on, I see the Junior Golfer’s mother in her front garden as I pass by on that side of the street. She is wearing black shorts, and a vest with broad pale-blue stripes and slender white stripes.
Then at 10:45 the Junior Golfer’s mother is using an electric mower to mow her back lawn. Her hair is fairly short, and dyed a darkish brown.
At 14:10, the Oignon has gone, but Mrs Pavane’s Escargot is still there. The Escargot has gone by 16:44.
At 19:00 the Junior Golfer is on his back garden with an even smaller boy. They are pushing the plastic kiddy-car with the red base and yellow roof. The smaller boy is wearing a yellow-and-green horizontal-stripe T-shirt, and the Junior Golfer a red T-shirt. It is the smaller boy who is doing nearly all the pushing — but in the car there is nothing and no-one. A man comes outdoors to join them. He is probably the smaller boy’s father, as they both have brown hair whereas the Junior Golfer is blond. The smaller boy falls over. “Oh-oh!” the man says to him. The Junior Golfer takes up a little white (plastic?) chair and lifts it, upside-down, above his head.

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