Fern Honda

Wednesday 26 September 2012

It is a dull and damp morning. At 06:51, some of the left-hand set of windows in the upper storey of the school are lit up, as though by a lamp set low in the room.

The four windows of the BE, and its glazed roof, are lit up at 07:33. The usual black coupé parks half-way onto the pavement alongside the upper entrance. A woman gets out via the driver’s door, then two small boys in red pullovers get out of the offside rear. They all head for the upper entrance. The older boy leads the way; his younger brother, book-bag in hand, is next; their mother enters last.
Mr JG’s van departs at about 07:40.
A silver Peugeot hatchback approaches from the direction of George Street, and parks alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and the section of wall to the left of it. A man gets out via the fpd, takes a dark-pink backpack out of the boot, then gets a tiny daughter out of the nearside rear. She has a short blonde ponytail; she is wearing a red anorak with the hood down, and grey trousers. The man keeps one of the backpack’s straps over his own right shoulder, and takes the girl’s right hand in his left. They set off for the school.
Soon after that, another car approaches from the direction of George Street, a black Honda (Accord?) with a personal registration-number — the same black saloon car that I noticed yesterday. The Honda parks with its boot alongside the junction-box.
A car turns out of George Street. I soon suspect that it is Scarlett’s car — and so it is. It parks at the kerb alongside the Efords’ house. The time is a little after 08:37. Scarlett gets out, wearing a white long-sleeve top (possibly woollen), and an orange or flesh-coloured skirt. She needs two attempts to close the driver’s door properly; then she opens the offside rear door, leans in, and helps Tiny Boy get out. Meanwhile, Small Boy gets out of the nearside front and stands on the pavement, facing the car. He is wearing a dark anorak, with a line of red visible at the collar. Tiny Boy is wearing his medium-brown anorak. He runs round the tail of the car, to reach the pavement. Scarlett follows him to the pavement, and opens the nearside rear door. Out gets a third boy, also blond I think, wearing a rather shiny brown coat or anorak. They all set off to the school, with the boys leading the way. Small Boy is inboard, affecting that wobbly running gait of his, but not as much as he sometimes does. I think the third boy is ahead of him, and Tiny Boy behind him. The third boy enters the lower entrance first, then (I don’t get a clear view) Small Boy and Tiny Boy; finally Scarlett enters — I get a glimpse of her in the school grounds after she does so.
When Scarlett and the boys set off for school, the Kulaks’ silver Media is partly on the pavement alongside number 35; when it departs, a grey 05-registration Trio takes its place, its nose pointing in the direction of George Street as was that of the Kulaks’ car. The driver of the Trio is blonde.
There is major congestion of traffic just uphill of where Scarlett has parked. Some of it involves a familiar van.
Finally I see Scarlett, above the lower entrance, walking back to her car. Once behind the wheel, she seems to be doing something with a sheet of paper. (Perhaps it is related to Small Boy’s day off sick yesterday.) Then she leans slightly to her left, as though to put the paper into the glove-compartment or a cubby-hole. She drives off in the direction of Cypress Crescent, disappearing from sight just after 08:56.

Mrs Pavane’s grey Escargot is parked alongside number 33.

Shortly before 11:20, Scarlett’s car turns left out of George Street, and parks nose-to-sapling. Scarlett doesn’t get out of the car for another six minutes or so. The Kulaks’ Media is parked half-way onto the pavement, its tail level with the far end of the junction-box. Max Kulak has now exited the driver’s door of his car, and crossed the road towards the Efords’ drive. He and Scarlett walk down to the school together, but not close to each other. Max is inboard of Scarlett; he is wearing a grey long-sleeve pullover. I estimate his age at 35. When they reach the middle entrance they stop, still talking — he with his back to the wall of the school, she almost at the grass verge. At that moment there are at least eight adults waiting outside the middle entrance; but when Max and Scarlett finally go in, there are clearly twice that many if not more.
The parents start to file in just after 11:31.
I don’t see Scarlett exit the middle entrance, but I see her walking back towards her car. She is outboard on the pavement, near the grass verge, while Tiny Boy is inboard of her and one pace behind her. Max is inboard of Scarlett; they are talking. As she approaches the car, I see that she has artwork in her right hand.
Standing with her back to the closed nearside rear door, Scarlett makes a voluble gesture, half-extending one arm towards Max who is standing at the boundary of the school-house garden. I think it is Max who opens the fpd of Scarlett’s car, and it is definitely Max who puts something onto the front passenger seat. Then he closes the door. He and Master Kulak cross the road towards their car. Scarlett gets Tiny Boy into the nearside rear. He has been on the pavement, facing both his mother and the car, standing there patiently enough while the adults have been talking.
Scarlett gets into the car. The time is now just after 11:35. She again drives off in the direction of Cypress Crescent, disappearing from sight shortly before 11:37.

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