TV, teapot, tablets and bananas

Wednesday 26 September 2012

In line with what we have arranged, I call on cousin Naomi this afternoon. On arrival, I tell her that I’ve just heard on the car radio that Andy Williams has died.
I have been expecting to do a bit of hedge-clipping, but that job has already been done by Davey, the husband of Naomi’s friend Jen. He has been having problems with his hip.
Naomi’s TV has still not been repaired. The importer has not yet decided whether it will repair the set free of charge — it was just a couple of days out of guarantee.
Recently, Naomi scalded her hand when making a pot of tea — the shock made her drop the teapot onto the floor, and it broke.
She is taking tablets to deal with her potassium deficiency, and for the same reason she has also started eating bananas. I expected the tablets to be little ones in a blister-pack, but she shows me a cardboard box containing several plastic tubes of big tablets (think of Steradent) that have to be dissolved in water. The result is a fizzy drink that she doesn’t like, but nonetheless does manage to swallow.
Again she tells me that the “Earl of Oxford” theory is complete nonsense.

When I return from Naomi’s, the traffic-lights are on red at the crossroads where I turn left into George Street. While I wait for the lights to turn to green, the Kulaks’ car approaches on Club Court Avenue, and turns left, to head in the direction from which I have come. I don’t see who is in the car.

[Original posting 26 September 2013]

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