How long does it take to say “No”?

Friday 5 October 2012

Today I phone the repair-shop where cousin Naomi’s TV has been languishing since the middle of August.
When the TV broke down, it was two days out of guarantee. The repair-shop contacted the European HQ of Kamikaze, the Japanese manufacturers of the TV, to see whether they would make a contribution (hopefully a 100% contribution) to the costs of the repair.
I phoned the repair-shop from Naomi’s house on Wednesday 26 September 2012. The woman on the end of the line told me that she was still waiting for a response from Kamikaze.
This afternoon I phone again, from Suburbia Somnolenta, and receive much the same response from the same person.
This evening I phone Naomi, intending to tell her that we are still in limbo. She tells me that the woman at the repair-shop has phoned her at about 16:30, to say that the answer from Kamikaze is “No”. (What a coincidence, that the repair-shop hears from Kamikaze only a couple of hours after my phone-call!)
On this showing, Kamikaze treat their customers with discourtesy — or maybe the word is “contempt”.
Naomi has decided to buy a new TV instead of having her old one repaired.

[Original posting 5 October 2013]

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