Wheeler Bonsai, Fern Ultra

Monday 8 October 2012

At 07:00 the lights are on throughout the upper storey of the school, but not in the BE.
Not long before 07:50, a grey Bonsai has parked, at least half-way onto the pavement, alongside the upper section of the school-house garden. A woman dressed in a grey and pale-blue anorak gets out of the driver’s door. She returns to the car at 07:55. At George Street she turns right.

At 08:19, Mrs Pavane’s car is parked below the sapling. Then it reverses away from the sapling; the reason must be to allow a silver Ultra to park with its offside front wheel-arch alongside the sapling.
The Ultra has gone a little before 08:35. The Kulaks’ car, which was alongside the upper entrance, now drives off past the Old Man’s house.
At some time during the school-run, I see a mother and a small girl cross the road towards the Efords’ drive. The girl has a microscooter, pink or purply-pink, which IIRC the mother carries across the road. When they reach the far pavement, the girl gets onto the microscooter, inboard of her mother. I doubt that microscooters are allowed at school, so I presume the mother brings the microscooter back at the end of the school-run, but I don’t see her do that.
When I go to TeraGroce, I see that the house where Mrs AD’s mother used to live now has black metai gates for its driveway and garden path. There is no car on the driveway at this time, but when I return some minutes before 10:00, a 12-registration grey Hyundai hatchback is nose-out on the driveway.
The day begins cold and misty, but by 10:50 it is brighter. By 11:08, the weak sunshine is getting stronger. A few minutes later, a dark cat crosses the road, to just below the tail of Mrs Pavane’s car.
At about 11:23, a green Ultra approaches from the direction of George Street, does a U-turn, and parks opposite the school — it looks to be alongside number 25 or number 23. A woman with a blonde pony-tail is the driver; she is wearing a green top, probably knitted, of mid-thigh length. She gets a teeny boy out from the nearside of the car, and carries him across the road to the school. Within a minute or so, she is on her way back: a small girl is at her left hand. The woman lifts the girl into the car, at the offside rear.
At 11:35, the sun is the brightest that it has been today.

Some time after 14:30, a black Pantech is parked alongside number 6, part-way onto the pavement. The female driver has a blonde pony-tail, and is wearing deep-blue denims. She resembles Esmé — perhaps the Pantech is Esmé’s new car. She is standing on the pavement, close to the offside of the car, with a push-chair that at first I think she is opening out. Then I see that she is holding a baby in her arms, and is patting its back to wind it. When I next look, she has gone but the Pantech is still there.
About twenty minutes later, I see a rather tubby woman dressed in pale blue is crossing the road towards the school, with a halting gait — she brings her feet together, then stops momentarily before taking the next stride.
A few minutes after 15:00, Esmé (I am now fairly sure it is her) is returning to her car, passing Vinnie’s house, accompanied by a small boy in a blue pullover. The baby is in the push-chair. A red book-bag with a round logo below the flap is hanging from the outboard handle of the push-chair.

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