Cantor, Oldgreen, Forth, Zero

Friday 12 October 2012

At 07:00, lights are on in the upper storey of the school, brighter than yesterday morning.
Shortly before 08:30, a little black 5-door hatchback is parked alongside the Old Man’s front lawn, to the right of centre. It departs just before 08:40, and although when parked it was pointing away from the school, it now drives past the school and towards George Street.

Not long after 11:10 the silver Stetech drives past the Old Man’s house. It seems about to park alongside number 35, but continues; at number 31 it noses in and then immediately out again, goes a little further, then reverses in to park alongside number 31.
A black jogger wearing an orange top with yellow or cream sleeves and a baseball cap trots past numbers 35, 33 and 31, on the pavement.
Just before 11:30 the female driver of the Stetech crosses the road towards the school, where a little crowd is forming outside the lower entrance. She carries her toddler across, but on the far pavement the toddler is walking inboard of her, with its left hand in her right hand. The toddler is dressed in something light-coloured, possibly grey.
A few minutes later, the same woman reappears, but from the middle entrance as do some other parents and children. She is carrying the toddler at her left front, and with her left hand she is holding the right hand of a little blonde girl who is wearing a red cardigan. The toddler is put into the Stetech at the offside rear, and the girl (presumably) at the nearside rear. After the mother gets into the car, there is a pause of at least two minutes before the car departs. At George Street it turns right.

At 12:36 Mrs Oldgreen’s car passes the Old Man’s house, heading away from the school.
A silver Media estate car is parked alongside the middle part of the Old Man’s front lawn, about a quarter onto the pavement. The driver is a thirtyish woman with centre-parted shoulder-length golden hair, wearing a red anorak that is probably open at the front. With her right arm she is carrying a baby that is probably only a few months old. The baby is dressed in pale blue; it looks a little bemused. The woman crosses the road to reach her car, and puts the baby in at the offside rear. She drives off at just after 12:43. Presumably she has just brought an older child back to school after having lunch at home. (My impression is that Mrs Oldgreen usually takes her daughter home for lunch.)

Shortly before 14:50, Esmé’s black Pantech is parked alongside the Efords’ house, and Orla’s grey Trio is parked alongside number 35, two-thirds onto the pavement.
It is quite breezy today, and it feels cool. At the school, all the windows that I can see are closed.
The Ojays’ Escargot drives past the Old Man’s house and turns left at George Street.
A black Zero is parked alongside Vinnie’s garden-gates and the hedge to the right, two-thirds onto the pavement. At about 15:02 a man is standing on the pavement to the nearside of the car. He is wearing a brown jacket and medium-blue denims, and at his left front he is carrying a child. Partner and Tiny Boy! Tiny Boy is facing rearwards; he isn’t making much attempt to hold on; if he isn’t asleep, he is drowsy.
They cross the road, towards the Efords’ drive, and head for the school. I’m fairly sure that they go in via the lower entrance.
It is almost 15:30 when I see Partner and Tiny Boy (both now on foot) returning to the Zero — they are on the pavement just a few yards from the car. In his right hand Tiny Boy holds what looks like an oblong, electric blue ice-lolly. It seems rather big for him — and I can hardly believe that it is an ice-lolly, owing to its unnatural colour. Then I see him suck the top of it. When Partner reaches the car, Tiny Boy is several paces behind, and Small Boy is nowhere to be seen. Small Boy eventually comes into view. He is holding something red at waist level, in his right hand. I don’t think it’s a lolly; it seems more like a beaker, or perhaps a water-bottle.
Both boys are now to the nearside of the car. Partner takes the lolly from Tiny Boy, who — to judge by his facial expression — isn’t at all enthusiastic about the taste of it, and has a suck or bite at the top. When he takes it out of his mouth, the top of the lolly seems eroded at one side. Partner raises his eyebrows, and puts on a quizzical “hmm, strange, but could be worse” expression.
Both the nearside doors of the car are now open. Tiny Boy gets into the car at the nearside rear. (I presume he now has the lolly again, as I don’t see Partner with it when he goes round the tail of the car to reach the driver’s door.) Partner closes the nearside rear door; the fpd is still open. Small Boy is standing near the fpd, facing rearwards towards his father; his features are much more mature than those of Tiny Boy. Conversing with Partner, he is putting on a slight frown, and raising his eyebrows a little. He is perhaps seven years of age.
Small Boy gets in at the fpd. The last door to close is the driver’s door. Nothing happens for about a minute, and then the car departs. Partner drives sedately towards George Street; there is some slight delay occasioned by vehicles coming in the opposite direction. At George Street the car turns right. The time is now 15:33.

At 18:48 all lights are off at the school, apart from the two security-lights.

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