Departed old, absent young

Sunday 4 November 2012

When Mrs GM greets me at the door of the church, she tells me that Godfrey has died. Afterwards, I speak with Mr GM about him. He was 93 or 94.
As a teenager, Godfrey visited Nazi Germany, and was so horrified by what he found there that he decided to join the armed forces as soon as possible. He could see that a war was inevitable.
Mrs Scalene is at church, but without her grandchildren — they are at home watching a film. She says that she feels ill-at-ease without them.
I ask Mrs HM whether Mormon missionaries have ever paid her and Mr HM a call, as a follow-up to the HMs’ encounter with the Mormons in Utah. She says that they have; the discussion was interesting, but the two sides “agreed to differ”. The missionaries, whom she describes as “brainwashed”, left her a copy of the Book of Mormon, which she has (somewhat to my surprise — I might have expected her to destroy or recycle it) donated to a charity shop.

At the Old Man’s house, I hear some fireworks after night falls, but I don’t see any.

[Original posting 4 November 2013]

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