Fern, Oldgreen, Scarlett

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Mr Fern parks his car alongside Vinnie’s short hedge, with the tail of the car just overlapping the garden-gates. Father and daughter make their way to the school.
Ten minutes later, Tiny Boy gets out of the offside rear of Scarlett’s car, which now is parked alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. On exit, he turns, and begins to head for the kerb — at which point Scarlett stretches out both arms, and gives him a shove between the shoulder-blades. I’m not certain she makes contact with both hands, but certainly she makes contact with at least one hand. She does not look amused! She follows Tiny Boy to the pavement, and when they get there she admonishes him, with some finger-wagging. Scarlett is bending forward in rear right-hand profile towards Tiny Boy; he is standing there, listening calmly, facing her but IIRC neither looking up at her nor looking down to the ground. He isn’t laughing, nor is he shamefaced.

When Scarlett returns from the school, she is in the company of a woman with a push-chair, whom I’ve definitely seen before, and whose bobbed hair is dyed a purplish colour. Scarlett has an animated but good-humoured conversation with her, before getting into her car. The woman continues up the pavement opposite the Old Man’s house.

When Mrs Oldgreen brings her daughter Minnie back to school after lunch, she parks her car alongside the left-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. She is wearing denims and boots, and she has a characteristically enthusiastic expression on her face. Minnie emerges from the nearside rear of the car; she is wearing a pink anorak, and I think her gold-blonde hair is arranged in side-bunches. Mother and daughter cross towards the drive of the Kingdoms’ house, and descend to the lower entrance of the school.

In the afternoon school-run, Scarlett parks alongside the CJs’ house, with the nose of her car overlapping the Old Man’s house. I don’t see her lift Tiny Boy out of the car, but I presume she does because I see her carrying him — he appears to be asleep. When they reach the far pavement, she kisses him somewhere on the upper part of his head — he is wearing his bobble-hat, so perhaps she kisses him on the forehead. Clearly, he could not yet manage a full day at school.
When Scarlett exits the lower entrance of the school, she is still, or again, carrying Tiny Boy; but she soon lowers him to the pavement.

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