Return of the Kulaks and Oldgreens

Monday 19 November 2012

In the late morning school-run, the Kulaks’ car parks alongside number 35. I haven’t seen that car for ages. Max Kulak gets out, crosses towards the Efords’ drive, and descends to the middle entrance of the school with Scarlett (who has parked with the nose of her car a foot or so downhill of the sapling) inboard of him.
When Max and Scarlett re-emerge with their boys, Master Kulak is on foot but Scarlett seems to be carrying Tiny Boy. She takes him to the car, and drops him into the front passenger seat. When the car departs, I get the impression that it is heading towards Cypress Crescent, but it goes past the Old Man’s house.

In the latter part of the afternoon school-run, the Oldgreens’ car drives off past the Old Man’s house. Then about ten minutes later it drives past in the opposite direction, and heads towards George Street.

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