By no means all

Tuesday 20 November 2012

On returning from shopping at AltGroce, I find what looks like a sheet of paper lying on the front side lawn. It turns out to be an A4 sheet, with a strip of paper stapled to the top of the A4 sheet. The document must have originated from Acacia Primary. On the strip of paper is printed:

We are always looking for ways to get parent views and for parents to contribute to their child’s learning.
Please complete to [sic] enclosed questionnnaire and return to the Nursery staff so that we can add it to your child’s records.

Thankyou [sic].

The A4 sheet is headed:

All about my child this term — Autumn 2012

Below the heading, some questions are printed, with space for answers:

How do you feel your child is getting on at nursery?
What does your child like most about nursery?
Does your child have any worries or concerns when at nursery?
Has your child made any comments at home or had any experiences to do with their learning that you might want to share with us for their records? E.g. — counted independently to 10 or been on a visit somewhere special?
Any other comments?

“All about my child”? There are so many important things this document doesn’t mention!

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