Happy mother, happy child

Monday 3 December 2012

After a fairly wet night, it is a cool and clear morning. First thing, a security light keeps coming on and going off, at the rear corner of number 8 Cypress Crescent.
Mrs Wheeler’s grey Bonsai drives off from its usual parking-spot, doubles back, and turns right at George Street.
A couple of minutes before 08:00, there is a large mass of dark grey fluffy clouds to the south, their undersides lit salmon-pink by the rising sun.

Mrs Pavane’s car parks alongside the garden-gate end of the Old Man’s front side lawn. She eventually enters the school via the lower entrance.
When Tiny Boy exits the ord of Scarlett’s car, he runs straight across the road, reaching the far pavement by crossing the grass verge alongside the Efords’ house. He turns left towards the school, but after a few paces he stops and bends over in front left profile to adjust something on the upper part of his right trainer. His trainers are white. He stays where he is until Scarlett and Small Boy join him.
When Scarlett returns from the school, she is in the company of a woman with fairly short purplish hair, whom I saw with Scarlett on Tuesday 6 November. As on that occasion, the woman continues up Acacia Grove, but this time on the same side as the Old Man’s house rather than on the opposite side of the street.
Scarlett’s car reverses off the pavement, turns anticlockwise, and drives past the Old Man’s house.

At 11:09 Mrs Fern’s green Ultra approaches from the direction of George Street, mounts the pavement by Vinnie’s house, but then parks opposite the school. From both front side-windows of the car, something is protruding vertically — what can that be? About five minutes later I see Mrs Fern, who is wearing a red jacket or anorak, close the tailgate of the Ultra. Another five minutes, and the Kulaks’ car is parking nose-to-sapling, half-way onto the pavement.
Just after 11:26, Scarlett parks alongside number 35. She gets out of the car after a few seconds, and crosses the road towards the Efords’ drive. Crossing the road and descending to the school, she seems to be in a hurry — perhaps simply because she is late arriving. On her return with Tiny Boy, she stops at the driver’s door of the Kulaks’ car and talks very amicably with the driver. At that moment Tiny Boy is out-of-sight beyond the car; but then I see him running round and round anticlockwise — only the inboard half of each circuit is visible. He is wearing his bobble-hat, which has horizontal bands of blue flecks, and he is holding a sheet of artwork in each hand. Then he runs off towards a dark car which is parked alongside the Efords’ grass verge. He ascends to just uphill of the car, then he runs back to Scarlett. He does some more running in a circle. Scarlett good-humouredly grabs his hand, and he describes a half-circle of much smaller radius than before — at the end of which she picks him up and carries him against her right front. About ten seconds later she lowers him to the ground. He runs off again to the dark car, and again returns. Tiny Boy looks happy enough running around, but Scarlett looks extremely happy talking to the driver of the Kulaks’ car — happier than I’ve ever seen her look.
Finally the reversing lights of the Kulaks’ car come on. Scarlett waves at the occupants of the car (a stylised wave, with only her hand moving), no doubt to encourage Tiny Boy to do the same. I don’t know whether he waves, as I can’t see him at that point.
The Kulaks’ car drives off past the school. Scarlett and Tiny Boy reach their car, and he gets in at the fpd. When it reaches George Street, the car turns left.

Not long before 14:40, Esmé’s black 06-registration Pantech is parked alongside the Efords’ house. A few minutes later, Esmé is at the tailgate with a push-chair, and with her mobile held to one ear. Soon she opens the ord, takes the baby out, puts the baby into the push-chair, and sets off for the school.
The sky is clear blue; there are a few small clouds; the sun is obscured.
Just after 15:15 Esmé’s car departs, at speed, in the direction of Cypress Crescent.
A cream-coloured 5-door Zero has parked at the kerb alongside the left-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. An adult is in the driving-seat; the front passenger is a boy, probably a teenager. A girl, about nine years old, with a bookbag, arrives alone and gets in via the nrd. The car departs up Acacia Grove.

After dark, Christmas lights are on in the Efords’ house and in the living-room of the Trimots’ house.
At 16:40 the sky is largely clear, with just a few insubstantial clouds; but minutes later it starts to spot with rain.

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