Pavane, Fern, Kulak, Oldgreen

Tuesday 4 December 2012

It is a wet morning.

When I return from shopping at AltGroce, I can hear the noise of children in the school playground. Mrs Pavane’s car is parked alongside number 10, with its tail overlapping number 8.

Not long after 11:20, Mrs Fern’s car parks alongside numbers 31 and 29. Then the silver Stetech parks at the kerb alongside the lower end of Vinnie’s long hedge.
Mrs Fern, wearing the same red outer garment as yesterday, returns to her car with her daughter Fifi.
At 11:31 the Kulaks’ car departs from opposite the school, heading uphill. It doubles back, and at George Street it turns left.

At 12:35, Mrs Oldgreen’s car departs from below the sapling, and drives off past the Old Man’s house.

The setting sun is shining onto the façades of Vinnie’s house and of the house next door. The time is now 14:42.
Ten minutes later, Scarlett’s car approaches from the direction of George Street, and passes the Old Man’s house. Five minutes after that, I see the car, nose uphill, parked alongside number 33 — it must have gone round the block. There is a small white object on top of the dashboard, towards the nearside.
When Scarlett returns from the school, I see Small Boy with her but not Tiny Boy. She drives off past the Old Man’s house.

Later this afternoon I pay cousin Naomi a visit. When I return, a big dark MPV is parked alongside the garden-gate of the Old Man’s house.

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