Ojays on Maldis Street

Tuesday 18 December 2012

At 08:30 the Kulaks’ car has parked alongside number 35, and Al and Myra’s car has parked nose uphill, tail-to-sapling. Mabel Kulak leaves the car’s lights on when she and Master Kulak set off for the school. When the Kulaks’ car departs, a black Escargot takes its place.

I go shopping at AltGroce. The recycling lorry is ascending Victoria Street, obstructing my usual route, so I take a detour via Maldis Street. A little way along Maldis Street, I see the Ojays’ pale blue Escargot, parked with its offside to the left-hand kerb.

In the late morning school-run, a maroon Media coupé parks at the kerb alongside number 35, and then Mrs Fern’s car parks with its nose to the Media’s tail. Scarlett and Tiny Boy cross the road to her car, which is parked opposite the lower entrance. She then drives past the Old Man’s house.

The Pigeon Lad returns from the corner shop not long before 14:25, with a small-to-medium blue carrier-bag and a big bright-green one. He pauses for 30 seconds, just to the right of Vinnie’s garden-gates.
Esmé’s Pantech approaches from the direction of Cypress Crescent, and parks alongside numbers 31 and 29. Then a red Nova parks alongside number 33, and a youngish woman in an Islamic-looking headscarf gets out and walks towards the house.
The Ojays’ car parks alongside the centre and right of the Old Man’s front lawn. Mr Ojay get out; he is wearing medium-blue denims and a black quilted anorak with red hood-lining. He is smoking a cigarette, which he holds between forefinger and middle finger.
At 15:05, twenty-five minutes or so after she arrived, Esmé drives off. At George Street she turns right. Then Mr Ojay returns to his car, with Master Ojay.
A little after 15:25 Mrs Oldgreen’s car approaches from the direction of George Street. It briefly parks alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate, then drives up Acacia Grove. The car soon returns, and parks alongside the lower part of Vinnie’s long hedge. Mrs Oldgreen gets out; she is wearing medium-blue denims and mid-calf-length black boots. She heads off to the school, and returns with Minnie, who is wearing a dark pink knitted hat which may have a small bobble at the top. The car drives off past the school, only about eighteen inches from the kerb on the school side of the road!

After the school-run is over, I deliver Christmas cards to Mr & Mrs CJ, Harry, and Mrs PM. Harry is doing something in his garage, with the light on — I don’t disturb him.

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