Conversation: Scarlett and Max

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Scarlett parks nose-to-sapling a little after 08:35. When the boys have got out onto the pavement, she does some titivation of which Tiny Boy is the main (perhaps the only) recipient. Tiny Boy is wearing a red hat, probably a Santa hat.
They set off for the school, with Scarlett in the lead and Small Boy inboard of Tiny Boy. She is the first of the family into the nursery entrance, even though she walks there from the car, and the boys finish their approach to the nursery entrance at a run. I don’t see any of them on the walkway.

I go shopping at TeraGroce. Previously I have heard loud banging, and now discover that one of the houses on the far side of Acacia Rise is having its guttering removed.

In the late morning school-run, Al and Myra’s car is parked alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and front side lawn. Scarlett’s car approaches from the direction of George Street, does a U-turn, and parks alongside number 35. The Kulaks’ car immediately parks behind her car. When Scarlett gets out, she waves to Max Kulak who still is in the driving-seat of his car — waving in the same style (no doubt from force of habit) as when the boys are with her.
Scarlett returns from the school with Max inboard of her, and Master Kulak between them I think. In her left hand she is carrying a sheet of orange-brown card, about A4 in size — this turns out to belong to Master Kulak. With her right arm she is holding Tiny Boy against her right front. She carries him across the road, to the ord of her car, and lifts him in. The Kulaks cross the road with her.
Then Scarlett and Max hold a conversation: it starts when she is at the ord with Tiny Boy, and continues with her alongside the driver’s door. Scarlett is highly voluble, and I hear at least twice as much of her voice as I’ve heard during all previous school-runs put together. Three times Max approaches Scarlett, alongside the offside of his car. She doesn’t move from her position, but more than once she turns to face him. She looks towards the Old Man’s house some of the time, with head thrown back a little, but her attention is on Max. She speaks with a local accent, and her voice sounds quite emphatic but not objectionably so. A black car (probably a Nova) belonging to a driving-school passes by; Max points nonchalantly in its direction, but Scarlett at about the same time points in the general direction of Cypress Crescent. Scarlett and Max obviously get on very well.
Eventually, Max takes Master Kulak to the nrd of their car. Scarlett needs to reverse a little before she can depart; but she can’t do that until Max’s car has also reversed, as the two cars are too close together. Both cars head towards George Street, with Scarlett in the lead.

At 14:04 there are spots of rain on the window of the sun-lounge. Rain is forecast to continue for about 24 hours!
Just before 14:46 Esmé’s Pantech has parked alongside the Efords’ house. Seconds later, the Wormwoods’ car parks in its usual spot.
Scarlett’s car has parked alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and the left-hand end of the front lawn. I notice that Tiny Boy is wearing red trousers, and that his hair has grown out a lot.
When Small Boy returns to the car, he is carrying in his left hand a rolled-up object, maybe a poster, which is at least partly of a brown colour. He is wearing a dark hat with ear-flaps.
While Scarlett is getting the boys into the car, I hear her voice again though not nearly as much as during the late morning school-run. She is clearly in a good mood.
Scarlett’s car departs in the direction of Cypress Crescent.

There is faint drizzle at about 15:50 when I go for coffee and a chat at the CJs’ house.
Mrs CJ tells me about the expletive-laden invective she was once on the receiving end of, from one of the school-run mothers who had parked her car across the CJs’ driveway.
Academic standards at Acacia Primary have apparently improved in recent years.
After I tell the CJs where I saw the Ojays’ car parked, Mr CJ tells me about Recumbent Reg, a local man who used to drive to the corner shop.
I return to the Old Man’s house at about 17:45. It is raining moderately; and it keeps on raining.

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