Scarlett scowling in the rain

Thursday 20 December 2012

At 05:12, rain is falling onto puddles in the road.

Not long after 08:20, Al and Myra’s car parks two foot below the sapling. Eight or nine minutes later, a silver Media approaches from the direction of Cypress Crescent, and parks alongside number 27. It isn’t the Kulaks’ car, it’s the other silver Media.
Scarlett parks alongside number 35, Tiny Boy gets out of the ord, and she gives him a shove at shoulder-blade level, impelling him across the road. He makes for the driveway of the Ports’ house, but doesn’t encroach on it. There is no sign of Small Boy.
A Honda saloon, probably Mr Fern’s car, has arrived a minute or two before Scarlett, and has parked alongside the garden-gate end of the Old Man’s front lawn. The male driver, and a girl in a light-coloured bonnet and a pale-green anorak, cross the road, and on their way to the school they pass the nearside of Scarlett’s car some moments after it has parked.
The Kulaks’ car parks to the rear of Scarlett’s; then a Nilpferd to the rear of the Kulaks’ car, and a big silver Peugeot(?) MPV to the rear of the Nilpferd.
Scarlett returns to her car and gets behind the wheel. The reversing-light comes on, but goes off again — there can’t be enough room for her to reverse.
When the Kulaks’ car departs, its nearside front corner gets very close to the offside rear corner of Scarlett’s car. The Kulaks’ car pauses alongside Scarlett’s, no doubt for some brief conversation or gesturing.

At 10:26 it is still wet, but the sky is lighter.
The silver 51-registration Stetech approaches from the direction of George Street, turns, and parks alongside number 27.
A little after 11:10 it is raining harder.
Five minutes later, the Stetech moves forward into a space vacated by a small dark hatchback which has departed in the direction of George Street.
The Stetech has been here for ten minutes altogether when a woman in a red anorak gets out and crosses the road towards the school. She returns with a child one minute later.
At 11:23 the Kulaks’ car approaches from the direction of George Street, turns, parks alongside number 35. Then I see Mabel at the nearside rear, leaning into the car. She get in at the fpd, and the car drives off.
At 11:36 the rain has eased somewhat.

It is about 12:25 when Mrs Oldgreen’s car arrives. She parks tail-to-sapling, then reverses to be really close to the sapling. Mrs Oldgreen gets Minnie out of the nearside rear. Minnie is perhaps five years old; she is weaing a shiny pink anorak with the hood up. Mrs Oldgreen puts up an umbrella for herself, then takes Minnie’s left hand in her own right hand. They set off for the lower entrance.

At 14:39 it is still raining quite heavily. When the Wormwoods’ car has parked in its usual spot at 14:45, its lights stay on. A quarter of an hour or so later, Mrs Wormwood returns with her daughter. Mrs Wormwood is wearing a matt-brown anorak with fur trim to the hood, and Miss Wormwood her usual green anorak. They both have the hood up. Mrs Wormwood is carrying a dark pink book-bag and a pink-maroon object which may be her daughter’s umbrella.
Scarlett parks alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. She lifts Tiny Boy out with her as she gets out of the driver’s door, and carries him against her right-hand side with his left leg behind her and his right leg in front of her. Both his legs are dangling, but I’m sure he is awake. Scarlett is bare-headed despite the rain; Tiny Boy’s anorak-hood is down, but he’s wearing his blue-flecked bobble-hat.
Scarlett returns to the car with both boys. Tiny Boy is on foot. Small Boy gets in via the fpd, and Tiny Boy is relegated to the nearside rear. As when she got out of the car, Scarlett is scowling in the rain.
Without delay, just after 15:15, she drives off, turns, and heads up Acacia Grove. The car’s sidelamps are on.

On TV this evening, I see someone that I knew IRL many years ago.
At 20:15 it is still raining quite heavily.

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