End of a long term

Friday 21 December 2012

When I get up, it has almost certainly stopped raining.
The Honda saloon seen yesterday parks, at 08:29, in the Wormwoods’ usual spot.

At a couple of minutes before 08:40, Max Kulak parks his car alongside the middle part of the Old Man’s front lawn. He heads off to the school with Master Kulak. The car’s lights stay on.
Soon after Max drives off, the Wormwoods’ car arrives. It can park in its usual spot, as the Honda has gone.
The driver of the brown Origami often seen on the school-run has, stupidly or selfishly, parked at an angle in a position where the car both blocks the Efords’ drive and protrudes onto the roadway thus obstructing the traffic.

At 10:30, when I go out to the car, I can hear the noise of children in the school playground.
A little after 11:15, the Kulaks’ car parks nose-to-sapling. Mabel Kulak returns with Master Kulak.
Nearer 11:20, Partner’s car approaches from the direction of George Street, turns, and parks alongside the junction-box. After a few minutes it moves to alongside the lower part of the school-house garden. I don’t see Partner exit the car, but I see him walk down to the middle entrance. He is dressed as usual, in a suede-brown jacket, medium-blue denims, and white trainers.
I see him returning on the walkway, bent forward slightly, as though holding Tiny Boy by the hand and/or talking with him. On the pavement, Tiny Boy is at first a step ahead of Partner, and slightly outboard of him. Soon they are walking close together. Then Tiny Boy is on Partner’s shoulders, riding piggyback.
At the car, Partner opens the ord, lifts Tiny Boy off his shoulders, rotates him to the horizontal with his head inboard and his feet outboard; then he puts him backwards into the car.
From the offside rear, Partner takes out an object about a couple of foot long and probably over a foot wide at one end. It seems to be covered in plastic like a garment that has been dry-cleaned. Whatever it is, no doubt Partner doesn’t want Tiny Boy to be playing with it. He opens the tailgate and puts the object in at the nearside of the load area and apparently resting on something else.
After Partner gets behind the wheel, there is a pause for a minute and a half until he drives off.

For lunch I get fish and chips from Salty Sally’s.

At 14:40 Esmé’s Pantech parks alongside the lower part of the school-house garden, then reverses towards the sapling but never gets nearer than six foot, moves forward again, and finally parks opposite the lower entrance.
Orla’s dark grey Trio parks alongside the right-hand part of the Old Man’s front lawn.
Partner carries Tiny Boy past Vinnie’s short hedge. I then see that Partner’s car is parked alongside number 6.
When Partner and the boys return, they cross the road from alongside the upper entrance of the school. I see them walk past numbers 33 and 35. Partner is in the lead; he is wearing a mottled grey flat cap, which suits him much better than I might have thought. When walking past the lower part of Vinnie’s long hedge, Tiny Boy is trudging somewhat, but doesn’t look too gloomy or disgruntled. (Perhaps this is just the “serious” face of a four-year-old.) He is behind Partner, and Small Boy brings up the rear, another few paces behind. Tiny Boy is bare-headed, but Small Boy is wearing the dark hat with ear-flaps. In the crook of his left arm, Partner is carrying Small Boy’s bookbag, with something below it, and below that the translucent sandwich-box. Small Boy looks not so much glad that Christmas is near, as worn out after a term’s hard slog.
Both boys get into the car via the ord. After Partner and the boys have got in, the Kellners’ car drives past.
When Partner’s car departs, it moves forward to alongside number 10, still part-way onto the pavement. Then it descends fully onto the roadway and passes out of sight.

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