Frost and vapour

Thursday 10 January 2013

A cold, clear morning. For the first time this visit, I see clouds of water-vapour rising beyond the school-house.

Mr Port is reversing his van out of his driveway when Scarlett arrives. Her car has frost on its roof, and its exhaust also is emitting clouds of water-vapour. After she and the boys have entered the school, the Wormwoods’ car parks immediately behind hers.

At 11:16, Mrs Fern’s car approaches from the direction of George Street. It performs a U-turn, then noses in to a space roughly opposite the middle entrance. Three minutes later the Kulaks’ car passes the Old Man’s house and parks alongside number 35.
Scarlett parks part-way onto the pavement alongside the right-hand part of the Old Man’s front lawn. When Scarlett and Tiny Boy return from the school, they cross the road towards the offside of the Kulaks’ car, where Mabel Kulak is standing. Tiny Boy is clearly pleased to see the person (presumably Master Kulak) in the offside rear of the car — the two of them seem to be interacting. Scarlett is also clearly pleased to chat with Mabel, who gets into the driving-seat of her car. Eventually Scarlett picks Tiny Boy up, and carries him against her right front. Briefly, he rests his face against the top of his mother’s right shoulder. After a while, rather awkwardly, she puts him back down. They move onto the pavement, then cross the road to their car — Tiny Boy does a little skip as they are about to cross. He looks cheerful.
Scarlett’s car reverses off the pavement, and — unusually for a Thursday late morning school-run — departs in the direction of Cypress Crescent.
Throughout, it has been quite sunny.

At 15:02 approximately, Orla’s car is parked alongside the junction-box, about a quarter on to the pavement. Then Mrs Ojay parks her car to the rear of Orla’s.
Scarlett does not arrive until several minutes later; she parks alongside the Efords’ house, where Esmé has been parked earlier in the school-run. A green Renault is nose-to-nose with Scarlett’s car — it must be blocking the Efords’ drive.
On his way back to the car, Small Boy swings his book-bag and sandwich-box about, though in quite a subdued fashion.

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