Close shave

Friday 11 January 2013

Partner’s car drives past the Old Man’s house and parks two or three foot beyond Vinnie’s garden-gates. Before he opens the nrd to let Tiny Boy out, with one hand he turns up the collar of his jacket — it must be cold outdoors. When Tiny Boy emerges, he is holding in his right hand something that looks like a toy aeroplane.
Just after 08:50, the maroon Multipla approaches on the wrong side of the road, mounts the pavement — its offside rear wing misses, by not very much, the offside rear corner of Partner’s car — and parks with its tail overlapping Vinnie’s garden-gates by about six inches.
When Partner returns to his car, he seems to take a look at its offside rear wing. Perhaps he has seen the Multipla from afar!

For the late morning school-run, Partner has switched from the black Okra to the black Zero. He is parked six foot below the sapling. When he departs, he drives past the Old Man’s house.

In the afternoon school-run, the sun is shining brightly. The black Zero parks above the sapling rather than below it. Partner gets out, alone, and heads for the school. There seems to be someone in the front passenger seat — Scarlett, I suppose. Partner returns with both boys; he is carrying Tiny Boy against his left shoulder, facing forward. As they reach the car, Partner puts Tiny Boy down in front of him. Both boys get in via the nrd.
Partner drives off promptly, past the Old Man’s house.
Perhaps Tiny Boy has had an experimental full day at school?

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