Making waves

Sunday 13 January 2013

I am talking with Mrs GA, whose daughter Emilia celebrated her first birthday on 4 January 2013. Emilia is playing on the carpet in front of us, with two primary-school girls one of whom is getting around on crutches at the moment, having recently fallen down the stairs. Emilia enjoys playing with the crutches, which are lying on the carpet.
Mr & Mrs GA and I are waving to Emilia. I mention to Mrs GA that when adults wave at children, or are showing children how to wave, they do it in an affected, exaggerated way; and that I have seen parents on the school-run at Acacia Primary wave to each other that way.
“Because they’re so used to it,” concurs Mrs GA, smiling.
Of course, I am thinking particularly of Scarlett, who has waved that way to Max Kulak and IIRC to other people.

[Original posting 13 January 2014]

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