Three thieves

Sunday 27 January 2013

First thing, the snow has gone from the school-house roof, from the Old Man’s garden-gate path, and from all but the bottom end of the front lawn and front side lawn. There is some on the pavement alongside Vinnie’s long hedge. Later I see snow heaped up to the left of the CJs’ garden-gate, with a smaller heap a couple of yards in front of their sun-lounge window. There is also snow on the back lawns of the Old Man’s house and of the CJs’ house, but not on the back lawn of the JGs’ house.
There are flashes of sun early in the morning, then from a little after 10:00 it is sunny.
It is about 14:50 when I arrive at Naomi’s house. The tree in the next-door front garden has been pruned, and part of the tree has fallen onto Naomi’s front garden.
Naomi tells me that Davey is to have a hip operation, but he has chest pains that need to be investigated first.
A female relative of Naomi’s has had some of her possessions stolen by a carer. I tell Naomi of how the Old Man’s sister had a carved wooden figure stolen, and of how someone who lived not far from the Old Man’s house had a ring stolen by Mrs RW. I also tell Naomi about the Deceased Lady’s ovarian fibroid which she had surgery to remove.

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