Wet afternoon

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Between 08:20 and 08:25, Mrs Pavane has parked alongside number 31. A little while later, a black Nova is parked with its nose where the sapling used to be, and nose-to-nose with Mr Fern’s car.
The Kulaks’ car passes the Old Man’s house and parks alongside number 35. Max Kulak, head shaven, gets Master Kulak out via the fpd. A ittle after 08:35 Mr Fern’s car departs, driving past the Old Man’s house — as does the Kulaks car about ninety seconds later.
Three boys get out of Scarlett’s car: Tiny Boy and then Other Boy out of the ord, and Small Boy out of the fpd. Scarlett gives Tiny Boy a shove between the shoulder-blades, to propel him towards the pavement near the downhill end of Vinnie’s long hedge.

After the four of them set off for the school, they return to the car. Scarlett is in the lead. She re-opens the fpd and appears to be searching for something or sorting something out — she looks slightly concerned or frustrated, but not angry. When they set off again, the two older boys are in the lead; then comes Scarlett; Tiny Boy is toddle-running very close behind her. He seems enthusiastic.
On the far pavement Small Boy and Other Boy run ahead, but Tiny Boy stays with Scarlett — the two of them may still be holding hands from when they crossed the road. They all enter the school via the lower entrance.

From about 09:00 it is sunny. I go shopping at AltGroce.

The brown Origami parks alongside Vinnie’s short hedge; the Kulaks’ car parks beyond it; and Scarlett’s car parks to the right of centre alongside the Old Man’s front lawn. On her way to the school, Scarlett crosses the road to just above the tail of the Origami, then passes alongside the nearside of the Kulaks’ car and waves to the driver — waving in an adult rather than a childlike way.
When parents and children start exiting the school, a number of them are each holding a plain crimson sheet of A5 paper.
Scarlett departs in the direction of George Street; when she is no more than half-way down the road, the Kulaks’ car departs in the same direction.

From about 13:00 the sky clouds over, and by some time before 14:00 it has started to rain. Then I hear hail mixed in with the rain.
While I am making a second cup of coffee at about 14:05, Miss Trimot’s car drives up Acacia Grove.
A little after 14:15, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out, but ten minues later it is raining again.
At 14:42, when the Wormwoods’ car parks with its nose where the sapling used to be, it is raining quite hard.
Just before 15:05, Mrs JG’s 03-registration Oignon passes the Old Man’s house and parks alongside the JGs’ house. Tne weather is dull, windy and very wet. The sky becomes much lighter by a couple of minutes after 15:15, and the rain becomes less heavy. Five minutes after that, I see Mrs Oldgreen’s car nose uphill, with its tail where the sapling used to be.
A straggling group of children, perhaps eight or ten of them, run up the far pavement.
At 15:44 it has again become darker and wetter.

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