Tiny Timmy Time

Thursday 31 January 2013

At about 05:00 torrential rain is beating against my bedroom window.
At about 08:00 there is some clear blue sky, but there are also cumulus clouds — some white, some dark.

A grey Okra estate, quite often seen on the school-run, parks alongside number 35, and a few minutes later the Kulaks’ car parks to the rear of the Okra. By 08:36, the Jethros’ car has parked to the rear of the Kulaks’. Meanwhile, Scarlett’s car has arrived from the direction of George Street, and has parked alongside the middle part of the Old Man’s front lawn. Small Boy gets out via the fpd, and Scarlett opens the ord to let first Tiny Boy and then Other Boy out. Scarlett shoos rather than shoves Tiny Boy across the road. (She gestures a shove.) Tiny Boy toddle-runs across at a fairly quick pace, with arms spread quite wide at upper chest level; he seems full of glee. Other Boy follows him across, also running I think. Once they are all on the other side, they set off for the school. They pass by the nearside of the Kulaks’ car, but I don’t think anyone waves — so I suppose there is no-one in the car. The boys race ahead as they descend to the middle entrance of the school, but Scarlett does not exceed her usual steady walking pace.
The sun comes out, again, and illuminates the wire fence of the school.
The Wormwoods’ car parks to the rear of the Jethros’ car. Mrs Wormwood sets off for school with Miss Wormwood, who is dressed in her usual green anorak and is carrying a book-bag. The sun is still out.
When Scarlett returns, she crosses the road from between the tail of the Jethros’ car and the nose of the Wormwoods’ car. She is clearly in a hurry, but she isn’t running, just walking briskly. Scarlett drives off up Acacia Grove.

In the late morning school-run, Scarlett parks alongside number 35, and Max Kulak parks to the rear of her. Max gets out of his car first, and crosses the road; Scarlett gets out and follows him across, not catching him up even though she is only a pace or two behind him. When they reach the far pavement, they descend to the middle entrance side-by-side, chatting, Scarlett outboard of Max.
A couple of minutes later I see two little boys dashing or charging past the upper part of the school-house garden. Both are wearing dark anoraks, both are bare-headed. The taller of the boys is inboard; he has an A4 sheet of paper in one hand. The other boy has an A4 sheet in each hand — he is Tiny Boy. Scarlett and Max are some way behind. Both boys run past the Efords’ driveway. Scarlett and Max wait for them at the driveway — I imagine they call the boys back. Scarlett takes one of Tiny Boy’s A4 sheets, and lifts it up to look at it. She seems pleased with what he has drawn. (This reminds me of the closing scene of Timmy Time — but Scarlett doesn’t stroke Tiny Boy’s head!) Tiny Boy keeps the other A4 sheet in his left hand. Scarlett is smiling a lot, and Max a fair bit. Max looks at a sheet of artwork, but I’m not sure whether it’s Master Kulak’s artwork or Tiny Boy’s.
The two families separate, and the Kulaks head a little further uphill to cross the road from the driveway above the Efords’ — Tiny Boy briefly heads uphill with Master Kulak, and this time it’s fairly clear that Scarlett calls him back. (Tiny Boy and Master Kulak seem to get on very well. Perhaps they are classmates.)
The sun has been shining brightly for nearly all of the school-run.

At 12:50 a burglar alarm is ringing somewhere beyond the CJs’ house.
Towards 14:45, Esmé’s car is parked alongside number 33, with its brake-lights on. Then Miss Trimot gets into her car, which is parked at the kerb alongside the Trimots’ house, and drives off.
Not long before 14:55, the sun comes out.
Orla’s grey Trio parks alongside number 35. Then a green Escargot parks clumsily to the rear of Orla’s car; it finishes angled sharply out, two-thirds of the way onto the pavement. A woman gets out via the driver’s door, and heads for the school; she doesn’t resemble Mrs Parker as I remember her.
The sun has gone in.
Not long after 15:09, Scarlett parks to the rear of the Escargot. Scarlett and Tiny Boy get out. They return from the school with Small Boy and Other Boy.

None of the Kulaks makes an appearance in the afternoon school-run. Mrs Pavane doesn’t make an appearance at any time today.

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