Thrill of the chase

Friday 8 February 2013

In the afternoon school-run, Partner drives past the Old Man’s house, then parks somewhere out-of-sight in the direction of Cypress Crescent.
When he and the boys are returning from the school to the car, at first they are all quite close together. Small Boy is striding along, though not in such a pronounced way as yesterday afternoon, and is swinging his book-bag; Tiny Boy, who looks happy and full of energy, is toddle-running. Then Partner starts pretending to chase the boys — he is running with small steps, and with a rather high-stepping gait. The boys run uphill, then let themselves be caught, only to be chased again. I see two cycles of this game, which the boys clearly enjoy. One of the school-run mothers, a young woman with short purple-red hair, is walking inboard of Partner. She reacts good-humouredly to the game, even when Partner calls out mock-threateningly in the boys’ direction.

From about 16:15 to 16:20 the sky is almost springlike, with plenty of pale blue, and patches of pale cumulus clouds, though with no sunshine. Above the school, a big low contrail runs north-east to south-west, interrupted by a band of darker cloud. Beyond that cloud, the contrail veers further westward, then soon disappears behind another band of darker cloud which meets the horizon.

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