At the end of a fortnight

Saturday 9 February 2013

At about 07:20 the bin-lorry is coming down Acacia Grove.
A cloud of water-vapour is rising beyond the school-house — quite a faint cloud, but quite a large one.
I notice that Miss Trimot’s car is lacking a wheel-trim on both its nearside wheels. The car has gone by 08:50.
There is still a little snow, on the roadway only, to the right of Vinnie’s driveway; and a little snow on the pavement at the far left of the Trimots’ garden wall.
Depending on how you count them, there are seven or eight clumps of daffodils by the side of the Old Man’s driveway. Earlier in the week, I could see only one clump, at the garage end of the driveway.
As I am about to depart, I see Mr CJ passing, no doubt on his way back from the corner shop. At first my intention is to wait for him to reach his front door, and then say hello to him; but I see him pull his mobile out of the pocket of his coat, and answer a call — so I think it best to leave him to it.
I haven’t seen Mrs CJ (though I have heard her voice and her laughter) during the entire fortnight at the Old Man’s house.

[Original postings 9 February 2014]

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