Side-by-side comparison

Thursday 28 February 2013

At 05:55 there are lights on in Victoria Street and Cypress Crescent.

It is a sunny morning, but when I go out at about 07:15, and after I return indoors, I see frost on the cars.
In the early morning school-run, Mr Fern parks six foot below the sapling-patch, Mrs Cantor parks alongside Vinnie’s short hedge, and a silver Peugeot (probably the one seen yesterday) parks with its nose where the sapling used to be.
Two women together walk past Vinnie’s short hedge, away from the school. There are two children with them — one of them, a boy, punches the air. He must be off school today.
When Scarlett has parked alongside number 35, two unexpected passengers get out of the nearside rear of her car: a woman with hair dyed a maroonish colour, and a little girl with a pink satchel at her left hip — the pink strap of the satchel runs diagonally to over her right shoulder. The woman and girl cross the road from further downhill than Scarlett and the boys, and arrive at the far side below the nose of a dark Boxcar whose midsection is where the sapling used to be.
Scarlett returns alone, giving the impression of being in a hurry.

I go shopping at AltGroce.

In the late morning school-run, Al and Myra’s green car parks alongside the Old Man’s front lawn, with its nose overlapping the garden-gate. Both Al and Myra get out — Al is the driver — and they cross the road together. Her gait seems slightly lame. Then the Kulaks’ car parks with its tail alongside the junction-box.

Shortly before 12:30, Mrs Oldgreen’s car is parked alongside the Efords’ house. On the other side of the street is a black Boxcar with two transverse roofrails. Six minutes later, Mrs Oldgreen’s car has gone.

Not long after 14:35 the Pigeon Lad is heading back from the corner shop, with two blue carrier-bags dangling from his right hand. He is wearing a black coat.
A royal blue Rubin with wide wheels approaches from the direction of George Street, reaches the Efords’ house, then reverses to park with its midsection where the sapling used to be.
The Wormwoods’ car has been alongside the junction-box for several minutes. Now, shortly after 14:50, Mrs Wormwood gets out of the fpd and trudges off towards the school. Esmé has parked at the kerb alongside the Old Man’s front side lawn; opposite her, part-way onto the pavement and pointing upslope rather than downslope, is a silver Compass. Scarlett approaches from the direction of George Street, and parks beyond the Wormwoods. After a few minutes she gets out of the car, alone, and crosses towards the Efords’ drive, then walks down to the middle entrance of the school.
Mrs Wormwood returns with Miss Wormwood. Their car departs. Four or five minutes later, Esmé’s car departs — also towards George Street.
When Scarlett returns, and takes the boys across the road towards the nearside of her car, she is holding Tiny Boy’s hand but not Small Boy’s hand. Just before they cross, the boys are side-by-side; although Tiny Boy must have undergone quite a growth spurt during the past six months, Small Boy is still a good deal taller than his brother.
Scarlett drives off past the Old Man’s house.

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