Mrs Pavane’s not-so-new car

Friday 1 March 2013

Early this morning, there are no lights on at the houses in Cypress Crescent, but there is light reflected (from a streetlamp?) onto the side of the upper storey of number 8 Cypress Crescent.

Just before 07:40 the grey Bonsai parks four foot below the sapling-patch. Mrs Wheeler’s son Josh (s small boy in dark clothes) stands close to, and facing, the third of the concrete fence-posts that demarcate the boundary of the school-house garden. Then Mrs Wheeler gets Maud, who is dressed in red, out of the car via the nrd — which is presumably where Josh got out. All three of them enter the school via the upper entrance. The Bonsai has gone before 07:50.
The sky is overcast, but the daylight is clear.
Mrs Pavane parks seven foot below the sapling-patch. She is in a car that is almost identical to her usual car, but — as is apparent from the registration-numbers of the two cars — about four years older.
A couple of minutes before 08:30, Partner’s black Okra approaches from the direction of George Street and parks, not very near the kerb, alongside the right-hand part of the Old Man’s front lawn. After a long pause, Partner emerges via the fpd; then the boys, with a bit of help from their father, emerge via the fpd also. They must have clambered through from the rear.
As they descend the far pavement, Tiny Boy is outboard of and slightly behind Partner, while Small Boy, inboard of Partner, does a bit of his customary book-bag-swinging. Small Boy takes a detour into the uphill half of the school-house garden, but doesn’t go far in, and he keeps swinging his book-bag, with his back to the house; where he exits is probably downhill of the garden path. I don’t see any sign of Partner trying to restrain Small Boy from encroaching onto the school-house garden, or telling him off once he’s done it. Partner maintains a steady walking pace. He is dressed in his usual suede-brown jacket, and denims of a fairly deep blue.
Before Partner returns from the school, I notice that someone wearing a long-sleeve white or pale-coloured garment is sitting in the driving-seat of the Okra. The person is presumably Scarlett. When Partner reaches the car, he gets in via the fpd. Half a minute or so later, the car departs up Acacia Grove.

Before the late morning school-run, I notice that the sapling-patch is all mud — there is no grass left, but the stump of the sapling remains in place.
At 11:10 a black cat runs from behind the far side of the school-house, the length of the wall that divides the school-house garden from the precinct of the school, and across the road.
Mrs Fern’s car parks alongside number 35, three-quarters onto the pavement, and this side of the Kulaks’ car.
Al and Myra’s car parks mid-way along the Old Man’s front lawn. The two of them get out of the car, and cross the road towards the Trimots’ drive.
A woman is walking along the pavement opposite the Old Man’s house, away from the school. She is inboard of her tiny daughter who is wearing a red cardigan and pale leggings. The mother has natural red hair, tied up at the back, whereas the girl has very blonde, loose, shoulder-length hair.
At 11:30, Myra is loading a child into her car via the nrd. Then Myra gets in via the fpd.

I don’t see Mrs Oldgreen’s car at lunchtime until it is turning, prior to heading off towards George Street. It drives down the middle of the road, then veers very sharply to the left when it comes to the end of a line of parked cars, a couple of parking-spaces before it reaches George Street.

There is some sun early in the afternoon, but the sky eventually becomes overcast. At 14:30 Mrs CJ knocks on the front door of the Old Man’s house. We arrange that I’ll go to lunch with the CJs at 14:00 on Sunday; then we have a long chat.
At 14:49 the Wormwoods’ car has parked alongside the Efords’ house, with its tail overlapping the house next door.
An 08-registration silver Okra parks at the kerb by the far right-hand-side of the Old Man’s front lawn.
The silver Peugeot parks alongside number 35, and a woman with a blonde ponytail, gathered close to the back of her head, gets out of the fpd. She is wearing denims.
The silver Compass is parked just to the left of Vinnie’s garden-gates, part-way onto the pavement. The driver is an attractive blonde.
A woman aged about 35 is walking past Vinnie’s short hedge, away from the school, with a small child and a teeny girl — the latter is perhaps fifteen or eighteen months old. The tot is walking with reasonable steadiness, but cannot keep up. The mother, with a smile, comes to a halt and tells the older child not to hurry — they will wait for little sister.
Towards 15:20, Partner gets in at the driver’s door of his car, which is parked beyond Mrs Pavane’s car. He drives off past the Old Man’s house.

At 15:50 Mrs Pavane’s car has gone.

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