Spaces in short supply

Monday 4 March 2013

Mrs Wheeler parks alongside number 35, and crosses the road with Josh, and with Maud who is wearing a violet-pink anorak. Mrs Wheeler’s anorak is dark red, with some purple. The car’s flashers don’t flash until the Wheelers have reached the far pavement.
From about 08:00, Mrs Pavane’s car is parked alongside the lower part of the school-house garden, three or four foot below the sapling-patch.
A grey Media parks at the kerb, by the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn, then moves to the left-hand side of the front lawn after an Ultra estate car with ladders on its roof vacates that space. Mr Fern’s Honda parks with its nose to the Media’s tail.

Mrs Cantor parks alongside the junction-box. Max Kulak parks alongside number 35. Master Kulak emerges from the offside rear, and the two of them head off to the school. Scarlett approaches from the direction of George Street and parks this side of the Kulaks’ car. Tiny Boy gets out of the offside rear. He walks a few paces downhill, then looks back to Scarlett with a slightly mischievous expression on his face, as though he might run off — or would like mummy to think that he might! Small Boy gets out via the driver’s door, and Other Boy gets out via the offside rear.
When Scarlett returns to her car, she is in the company of a woman with a push-chair. They do not seem to be in any hurry, and they are talking. Scarlett has a sheet of paper in her left hand. The conversation ends only when Scarlett gets into her car, and the other woman continues on her way. Scarlett reverses off the pavement, turns anticlockwise, and departs in the direction of Cypress Crescent.

In the late morning school-run, the brown Origami parks at the kerb alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. Three minutes later, Myra parks alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and front side lawn. She is wearing black-framed glasses, a black anorak, and black trousers. Myra returns from the school with her son, who is wearing a blue anorak and a cap whose pattern includes some red and some white.
Scarlett arrives very late, and parks opposite the middle entrance.

The morning has been overcast and a bit dull, but at 12:35 the sun is breaking through at last. The afternoon is redolent of early spring.

Not long after 14:45, the Wormwoods’ car parks alongside Vinnie’s garden-gates and short hedge.
The driver of a 60-registration silver Media cannot find a parking-space. Twice she drives off, goes round the block, and tries again. On the third attempt she does find a space, with the nose of the car where the sapling used to be; the car is angled in, but its front wheels are angled out. The driver is slim, probably in her late 20s, and has a dark pony-tail to below her shoulder-blades.
Scarlett and Tiny Boy descend, his left hand in her right hand, past the Efords’ house. Tiny Boy is wearing a long-sleeve blue pullover, without an anorak. When the two of them return from the school, they are in the lead, a couple of paces ahead of Small Boy and Other Boy.

At 16:40 the CJs have taken in their washing — mainly bedsheets — which was on the washing-lines from late morning until at least 15:20.
Half an hour later Mrs Pavane’s car, which was here during the afternoon school-run, has gone.

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