Scarlett and black

Tuesday 5 March 2013

At 05:20 it is rather foggy. I can make out two lights at houses in Victoria Street. The fog is denser at 06:45.

At 07:15 Mr Port’s van is reversing off the drive.
Twenty minutes later, our black bins are emptied.
The Efords’ Zeta is parked alongside their house and driveway; Mrs Cantor, who has arrived from the direction of George Street, parks nose-to-nose with the Zeta.
Shortly after 08:35, Mrs TR walks past Vinnie’s house and up Acacia Grove. Her natural red hair is arranged in a tight pony-tail. At her side is a boy of school age. Mrs TR is wearing pale-blue denims that fit snugly.
A small black hatchback is parked alongside number 35, part-way onto the pavement.
The Wormwoods’ car approaches from the direction of Cypress Crescent, and parks alongside the Ports’ house. Several minutes later it departs in the direction of George Street.

At 11:13, Mrs Fern has parked her car alongside the junction-box. Shortly after that, the Kulaks’ car approaches from the direction of Cypress Crescent and parks beyond Mrs Fern’s car — it ascends the kerb with quite a bump. A few minutes later Mabel, her dark hair arranged in a pony-tail, gets out via the driver’s door. Mrs TR, wearing the same denims as earlier, black mid-calf boots and a green anorak, walks alone past Vinnie’s short hedge. She speaks briefly with another woman — perhaps Mabel — then crosses the road towards the Efords’ driveway.
There is still enough fog to obscure my view of the Banlieue.
A black Oignon is parked at the kerb, alongside the centre-right of the Old Man’s front lawn. To the left of the Oignon, also at the kerb, is a grey Nova. A woman who might be Scarlett walks towards the school, past the Efords’ house and the school-house.
People are coming out of the middle entrance of the school; some children are walking and others are running, alongside the precinct of the school and the lower part of the school-house garden. Mabel Kulak returns to her car with her daughter (whom I haven’t noticed until now) and her son (who looks to be a little v*lla*n!). The driver of the grey Nova and her daughter walk past the nearside of the Kulaks’ car, and there is some interaction between the daughter and Master Kulak, as follows:
Mabel is putting Miss Kulak into the offside rear of her car, and wants her son to get into the nearside rear — but he runs round the tail of the car towards the offside rear. Then he runs a few yards uphill towards the daughter of the Nova driver — in fact he does this twice; the second time he seems to shout and he certainly grimaces behind the girl’s back, finally speaking to her (or with her) face-to-face.
Mrs TR returns with a tiny blond boy. The two of them walk up Acacia Grove, with the boy outboard of Mrs TR.
Scarlett and Tiny Boy are at the offside of the Kulaks’ car. Mabel and Scarlett have a brief chat — Scarlett looks happy. There is also some interaction between Tiny Boy and Master Kulak — it doesn’t amount to much. They both look lively, cheerful, and a shade boisterous. Then Scarlett and Tiny Boy cross to the nose of the black Oignon. Scarlett opens the fpd and Tiny Boy gets in. Seated on the fps, Tiny Boy — leaning back, but gazing up towards Scarlett — pulls the seatbelt across his waist and chest. He looks proud of his achievement. Scarlett may fasten the belt for him. She closes the fpd. She still looks happy, but is wearing a more serious expression as she enters the car via the driver’s door.
Scarlett reverses a little way, and heads towards George Street. The car doesn’t have its light on — they are not necessary.

It has been sunny since about 12:30. A little after 14:50, Esmé’s car is parked alongside the Kingdoms’ house and the house adjoining.
I notice a spillage of soapy water on the roadway alongside the Kingdoms’ drive.
Scarlett has parked a little to the right of where she was during the late morning school-run. The Oignon is quite a long way from the kerb — which implies she’s being careful when parking her new car. She gets out via the driver’s door, turns, and with a smile and a beckoning toss of the head she invites Tiny Boy to get out via the driver’s door also.
When Scarlett and the boys cross the road back to the car, she is holding Small Boy’s left hand and Tiny Boy’s right hand. Small Boy is holding his book-bag with his right hand; he is swinging it only to the extent that you would normally when walking, and he looks a bit miffed about something. (Before they turn to cross the road, Tiny Boy windmills both his arms simultaneously, twice; he doesn’t raise them very high.)
Scarlett drives off up Acacia Grove. The engine of the Oignon does not burble like the engine of Scarlett’s previous car.

At 18:20 it is becoming foggy again.

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